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VMware fusion on MacBook Air with OS X Lion seems to hang when getting back from sleep – Super User

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/11/14

If you have reactions on the question below, please add them to the thread when possible.

Every once in a while, my MacBook Air becomes unresponsive when it is sleeping and I open the lid.

It seems to only happen in these circumstances:

  • the MacBook air got into sleep modus because of closing the lid
  • VMware Fusion 4 (4.0.2 build 491587) is running full screen
  • The guest OS has a blank screen screen saver

When opening the lid, the backlight goes on, but the MacBook Air does not react on any key-combinations I tried.

I tried these, but to no avail:

  • press the Touchpad
  • press Control + Command
  • press Control + Command + Enter
  • press Command + Tab

The only thing that works is to press the Power button for 5+ seconds (forcing a hard power off) then reboot.

Two questions:

  • For anyone having seen similar bahviour: what circumstances did you have?
  • Any solution to this apart from first suspending the guest VM?


via: VMware fusion on MacBook Air with OS X Lion seems to hang when getting back from sleep – Super User.

2 Responses to “VMware fusion on MacBook Air with OS X Lion seems to hang when getting back from sleep – Super User”

  1. IL said

    It can be connected with “Android emulator is causing kernel panic on Mac OS X Lion” issue

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