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Archive for the ‘Development’ Category

TFS: sometimes “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” means “out of disk space”

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/09/03

A while ago, we encountered this error when doing merges in TFS (non-GIT ones):

Microsoft Visual Studio
Source Control Merge Wizard
Merge encountered 1 error(s) and 0 warning(s).
First error/warning encountered:
    Server was unable to process request. ---> Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
See output tool window for information on any other errors.
OK   Help

In the end this was caused by an out of disk space on the volume containing the TFS datastore.


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Rudy’s Delphi Corner – Pitfalls of converting, on converting from C/C++ to Delphi

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/09/02

If ever in need to translate C/C++ headers or code to Delphi, this refernece by Rudy Velthuis – a dentist with a strong interest in programming – is the best I could find: Rudy’s Delphi Corner – Pitfalls of converting.

It is written in a pretty version agnostic way, and covers the vast majority of conversion topics.

And it has been updated over time numerous times.


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Convert List/Enumerable of Enums to CSV – via Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/09/01

I like simple solutions, thanks vcsjones for answering this:

Perhaps this:

var str = String.Join(", ", SupportedNotificationMethods.Select(s => s.ToString()));

You can read more about the String.Join method at MSDN. Older versions of String.Join don’t have an overload that takes an IEnumerable. In that case just call ToArray() after select.


via: c# – Convert List<Enum> to List – Stack Overflow.

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Android NDK Beginner’s Guide – Free Learning | PACKT Books

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/08/31

For Delphi and Android developers that want a deeper insight in the NDAK: only free today

Android NDK Beginner’s Guide

Get deep insight into the Android Native Development Kit for building complex apps. Using this practical step-by-step tutorial, highlighted with comments and tricks, discover how to run C/C++ code embedded in a Java application or in a standalone application. You will create a real native application starting from project creation through to full implementation of native API and the porting of existing third-party libraries. Grab this eBook whilst it’s free today!


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New Delphi product version: will it be Seattle or 10? It might be both! radstudiodemos/code/…/branches now has RADStudio_Seattle branch, docwiki URLs with Seattle exists and nice YouTube preview image!

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/08/30

Two recent observations: that lead me into thinking Embarcadero is changing the Delphi and RAD Studio version suffix to Seattle.

Thanks to Achim Kalwa for getting that to my attention in Looks like Delphi XE9 will have support for Windows 10 RT: …

It led me to my observation that until now, always had the real product name as banch name.

On 20150817 this branch got added:

Today, Horacio Filho who observed the Seattle part in the new documentation URL which currently is only accessible only for the groups writer, l10n, RADBeta, ConnectBeta, Employee.

The docwiki URLs historically also use the real product names in the URL.

In fact there is a little trick: removing the product name portion of a docwiki URL usually brings you to the most recent documentation (which might be more up to date and provide more information even for older products). So removing the XE7/ part of will usually bring you to the most recent documentation

If they both Seattle URLs still use product names, then the new Delphi version is called Seattle is added.

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