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Archive for the ‘Development’ Category

IdeOne is a lot faster and more recent than “Compile and Execute C# Sharp online”

Posted by Jeroen Pluimers on 2014/04/23

I just bumped into Compile and Execute C# Sharp online.

As of writing, it uses Mono which is quite old, and it is dead slow: it takes more than a minute to compile and execute a simple console application.

The reason is that this is a one man project.

IdeOne is much faster, for instance it took a few seconds to compile and run this simple C# program.


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rsync: the MacGyver tool for making backups on *nix based operating systems

Posted by Jeroen Pluimers on 2014/04/23

I’ve been using rsync as my MacGyver style backup-tool of choice on *nix systems and sometimes even Windows systems.

It works both locally and remotely, is simple to setup and over the years has gathered a lot of nifty functionality.

It is way easier to backup using rsync one directory to another than using tar (tar has the benefit of putting everything in one archive though) using a command like this:

rsync -aiv /path/to/source/directory /path/to/destination/directory

For remote copies, I usually add replace -aiv with -aivz or with -aiz.

Given the ubiquitous of hard disk space, I hardly compress or archive directory trees for archival purposes any more.

For an introduction of basic functionality read Everything Linux – A Tutorial on Using Rsync. An article from 1999 that is still very valid now.

Besides my praise for rsync, there are a few small things I want to mention in this article:

  1. Sometimes more is less. Recently someone asked me how to force rsync not to keep the time stamps of files.
    He wasn’t the first to ask.
    The solution is simple: since the -a option archive option implies -t, so the solution is to expand -a into its parts -rlptgoD, then remove the -t from that.
  2. The –link-dest=DIR option was added in about 2004 (later: no, link-dest was added to rsync 2.5.6 in januari 2003), which allows you to do incremental backups. Read the rest of this entry »

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Open Source is a thankless job. We do it anyway. – Scott Hanselman

Posted by Jeroen Pluimers on 2014/04/22

Interesting: Open Source is a thankless job. We do it anyway. – Scott Hanselman.


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Call for help: Spring4D and Delphi MultiCast events: working for Win32, Win64 and Mac OS X x64, but Android/iOS ARM help needed.

Posted by Jeroen Pluimers on 2014/04/22

Years after Allen Bauer and a few others wrote about Delphi MultiCast events, the Spring4D framework now supports MultiCast events on 3 platforms:

  • Win32
  • Win64
  • Mac OS x86

Depending on the platform, the minimum required Delphi version is this (the develop branch builds in Delphi XE6):

  • Win32: Delphi 2010 and up.
  • Win64: Delphi XE2 and up.
  • MacOSX: Delphi XE2 and up.

There are plans for support on Mobile platforms, and Spring4D needs help with that:

  • The Intel implementation is written in Assembly, and fast.
  • The Arm compiler does not allow Assembly language for various reasons.

So there is a need for an ARM solution not based on assembly in the Delphi code, preferably as cross-platform as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

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Online XML Pretty Print

Posted by Jeroen Pluimers on 2014/04/22

On my list of on-line tools: XML Pretty Print.


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