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Archive for the ‘Delphi’ Category

Happy birthday Delphi, have some wine

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/02/14

Now that you’re 21, have a glass of wine and watch this great presentation by Warren Postma which he made for last years birthday:


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BLDN: December 2015 XE7/XE8 Update Subscription Update got released 20160211 with backported 10 Seattle fixes

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/02/13

Seems they got only released just yesterday because of the QA effort taking a long time. But it’s good news for Delphi/Rad Studio/C++-Builder Update Subscription members: some fixes are now back-ported to 2 Delphi versions. Which is a new milestone in support from Embarcadero.

Anyway: BLDN.

Note that the list of fixes is at the bottom of these pages:

Source: RAD Studio Hotfixes for XE8 and XE7 with 10 Seattle fixes


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You find a lot of stuff when you are reorganizing your office #TP6 Library…

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/02/11

You find a lot of stuff when you are reorganizing your office #TP6  Library….

I must clean out my closets as well. I think I have similar stuff lying around.


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When your license check is faulty and causes customers to loose work you a cardinal sin

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/02/04

I wrote about this before, named it a cardinal sin too, but I seem to have to repeat this:

When your product thinks the license is validate and quits without allowing the customer to save its work, then you’ve committed a cardinal sin.

Yes, I can talk about cardinal sins: I’ve been named after the artist Hieronymus Bosch (:

For me it is OK if a product checks for binaries that do not to the product (and not signed by the vendor) in the product directories and fails to start, or to present a nag screen that takes a while to disappear, or even to limit functionality.


  1. The product should always tell why the license check failed.
  2. The product never can force the customer to loose work.
  3. The documentation should show failure situations (not just the OK counterparts).

Given some recent posts and the fact that over the course of 10 different versions I lost days of work and at conferences I usually get multiple questions from people having suffered from this, I really had to bring this up again.

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Windows Vista/7/8/… hangs for Windows Common dialogs when your COM initialisation is wrong

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/02/03

A while ago I bumped into this: As of Windows 7 (and probably Vista), the standard Windows Common Item (Open and Save) Dialogs expect the main thread to be initialised with STA because it is easier to support apartment threading in single-threaded apartments because COM provides synchronization on a per-call basis and the Windows GUI APIs are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

Windows XP and Server 2003 didn’t enforce this for the classic Windows Open and Save Dialogs, so it only appeared when the software below got run on Windows 7 in a way too late time frame (but the market share of XP is still high).

The reason is that when using Delphi, the TOpenDialog and TSaveDialog will use the classic Open and Save Dialogs on Windows < Vista and fall-forward to the new Common Item Dialogs handled by TFileOpenDialog and TFileSaveDialog (both will not fall backward).

When you have your COM initialisation done wrong, your application appears to hang. Amidst the plethora of threads started by the COM subsystem, these two dead-lock:

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