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Archive for the ‘Power User’ Category

If you *do* want to download the free U2 album, but have a hard way finding how to… (via Ask Different)

Posted by Jeroen Pluimers on 2014/09/18

I had a hard time in iTunes to actually download the (temporarily free) U2 Album Songs of Innocence.

This is probably because most of my iTunes consists of my own CD collection ripped as MP3 files, and the instructions about “clicking the cloud icon” got me in the wrong direction (I assumed cloud icons for each song would appear in the “My Music” Library, but none of the songs showed up that list).

Anyway, via itunes – Free U2 album doesn’t show up in music library, just iPod – Ask Different (see also the picture below, especially the red marked portion):

They are referring to the “Purchased” under the “Quick Links” section on the right of the iTunes Store Home Page. Once you do this “Songs of Innocence” will be added to your “Purchased” playlist on the left.

What apparently happened was that I hadn’t accepted the updated iTunes license agreements yet, so the songs would not added to the library, even though they were “Purchased”.


via itunes – Free U2 album doesn’t show up in music library, just iPod – Ask Different.

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interesting: YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator that understands both Windows and Linux

Posted by Jeroen Pluimers on 2014/09/15

Ever wanted to put all your Windows installs on a bootable USB stick, but also add some Linux functionality?

It looks like YUMI can do just that.

On my research list (:


via: YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator (Windows) | USB Pen Drive Linux.

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Boxstarter: quickly setup a machine with just a Gist

Posted by Jeroen Pluimers on 2014/09/13


Quickly setup any machine with just a Gist – No Preinstalled software required

Want to setup your box without downloading any software or fussing with package authoring or publishing?

Well buckle up! Boxstarter makes this a snap!

Boxstarter makes it really easy to script things when you have a working internet connection.

The example script they show does a lot of things I normally configure by hand:

Set-WindowsExplorerOptions -EnableShowHiddenFilesFoldersDrives -EnableShowProtectedOSFiles -EnableShowFileExtensions

cinst fiddler4
cinst git-credential-winstore
cinst console-devel
cinst sublimetext2
cinst poshgit
cinst dotpeek

Thanks Thomas Mueller for pointing me to this.

Boxstarter does all kind of neat things with NuGet and Chocolatey.



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Multiple instances of Word 2013 launching when opening files from Explorer window

Posted by Jeroen Pluimers on 2014/09/12

If you ever have this problem, check if the ddeexec key word opening Word documents as a [REM_DDE_EXEC] prepended.

If so: remove it.

ddeexec is used by the Windows Explorer to open a file through DDE (because that usually is a lot faster than starting a new proces) as explained by Taming Microsoft Word 2007’s File Associations and Document Windows, Part One — Within Windows.


via Multiple instances of Word launching when opening files from Explorer window.

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Android Wear Check

Posted by Jeroen Pluimers on 2014/09/11


Android Wear is designed to work with Android phones running 4.3 or higher. Not sure what version of Android you have? Visit on your phone to see if it’s compatible with Android Wear.

My Google Nexus 4: check!


via: Android Wear Check.

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