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Archive for the ‘Power User’ Category

VMware Fusion: Alt+Print Screen on MacBook Pro

Posted by Jeroen Pluimers on 2014/09/01

VMware Fusion only allows you to send a “Print Scrn” key to a VM, but that takes a screenshot of the whole screen.

Alt+Print Scrn gets you a screenshot of the current Window, which is what I use most often.

A few things you might have tried, but cannot use:

So have to map key combinations that you probably will not use under Windows.

Berknip uses these VMware Fusion keyboard mappings for it: Read the rest of this entry »

Posted in Apple, Fusion, Mac, MacBook, MacBook Retina, MacBook-Air, MacBook-Pro, OS X, OS X Mountain Lion, Power User, VMware | Leave a Comment » Install package isv:ownCloud:community / owncloud

Posted by Jeroen Pluimers on 2014/08/31

On my research list: Install package isv:ownCloud:community / owncloud.

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Paletton and Kuler: very useful for creating colour palettes (via G+ Nick Butcher / Marie Schweiz)

Posted by Jeroen Pluimers on 2014/08/29

Combile Paletton and Kuler and off you go!

Nick Butcher: Have found this site useful for creating colour palettes. Paletton – The Color Scheme Designer

Marie Schweiz: and you can get the swatches :)


Thanks Nick Butcher and Marie Schweiz.


via: Have found this site useful for creating colour palettes..

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Funny: Windows 7 BSOD and repair giving an “Unknown Bugcheck 50″

Posted by Jeroen Pluimers on 2014/08/29

Had a funny error on one of my Windows 7 development VMs today: “Unknown Bugcheck: Bugcheck 50

I hadn’t used the VM for about 2 months, and left it in a suspended state. After resuming it got into a BSOD, booting would hang at the Windows logo, and a second boot would get into the Windows Startup Repair.

Startup Repair indicated it could not resolve the issue, offered a “Restore” (which I declined) then told me something like

Root cause found:
Unknown Bugcheck: Bugcheck 50. Parameters = 0xfffff880009aafb8, 0x0, 0xfffff8000347bc60, 0x0.

The solution was very simple: Read the rest of this entry »

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Git: how to resolve merge conflicts | softwarecave

Posted by Jeroen Pluimers on 2014/08/28

Often the git command-line is easier to than merge a combination of changes, moves and deletions using SourceTree.

If you know how to read the git status output, and to act accordingly.

This tells you how: Git: how to resolve merge conflicts | softwarecave.


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