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Archive for the ‘Power User’ Category

OpenSSL on Windows: fixing the “unable to write ‘random state'” (via: Stack Overflow)

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/03/05

If you are running OpenSSL as a regular user, or cannot perform “RunAs Administrator”, and you get this error message:

unable to write 'random state'

then make sure you have set your environment variables correctly before running OpenSSL:


A full batch file front-end for OpenSSL.exe is this one:

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New version of Beyond Compare: – FEBRUARY 27, 2015 – @ScooterSoftware

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/03/02

(I love Beyond Compare not only of the functionality, but also of the relaxed trial: not a 30 day hard limit, but a limit of 30 days you actually used it on. More software should be more relaxed in measuring trial time)

From the Beyond Compare 4 Change Log:

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[NL]SLA en content management tussen brieven en site van @Belastingdienst; wachtend op betaling.

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/02/28

Twee dingetjes over brieven van de belastingdienst tijdens het proces voor het doorgeven van een rekeningnummer voor teruggaaf.

Content management voor formulier opgaaf rekeningnummer

Na een aangifte waaruit een teruggaaf volgt, krijg je een formulier:

U krijgt geld van ons terug. Het gaat om een teruggaaf omzetbelasting.
Wij widen dit aan u overmaken, maar wij hebben geen rekeningnummer van u.

Wat moet u doen?
Geef uw rekeningnummer aan ons door. Dit doet u met het formulier Opgaaf rekeningnummer. U vindt dit formulier via

Wanneer krijgt u bericht?
Als u uw rekeningnummer hebt doorgegeven, krijgt u binnen twee weken bericht van ons.

Dus ga je naar Dan kom je uit bij die je via Ik wil een rekeningnummer doorgeven doorstuurt naar Rekeningnummer opgeven of wijzigen.

Daar kom je er achter dat er geen formulier Opgaaf rekeningnummer is. Er zijn er namelijk twee: voor particulieren en ondernemers. De maker van de brief weet wat voor soort belasting het is en had dus meteen in de brief het juiste formulier kunnen benoemen.

Voor het gemak zijn hier de PDFs:

Dat was deel één. Nu deel twee: Read the rest of this entry »

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Some command-line tips for OpenSSL and file format (pfx, p12, cer, crt, key, etc.) conversion of certificates, keys

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/02/27

OpenSSL is really nice, but remembering all these command-line switches is difficult, especially when you do not use them often enough.

I don’t, and when I do there are a few common tasks I perform, and I was glad to find a few links with great information:

I’ve converted them to batch files that run fine when copied to the directory where you put the x86 or x64 Windows version of OpenSSL (they assume %~dp0openssl.exe for the location of the OpenSSL.exe binary, just in case it is not on the path, or you have various tools that scattered around incompatible copies of OpenSSL binaries).

OpenSSL defaults to PEM format (that has text base64 strings), so if you get DER format (binary) you need to convert them.

A few errors I got and what they mean

Error decrypting PKCS#7 structure

Error decrypting PKCS#7 structure
5216:error:21070073:PKCS7 routines:PKCS7_dataDecode:no recipient matches certificate:.\crypto\pkcs7\pk7_doit.c:538:
5216:error:21072077:PKCS7 routines:PKCS7_decrypt:decrypt error:.\crypto\pkcs7\pk7_smime.c:557:

This error means that the recipient of the email does not match the certificate you pass in. What happens is that OpenSSL tries to decrypt the mail, it cannot match the certificate to the mail, and barfs. It usually happens when you have From/To reversed by accident.

Error decrypting PKCS#7 structure

Error decrypting PKCS#7 structure
4948:error:0B080074:x509 certificate routines:X509_check_private_key:key values mismatch:.\crypto\x509\x509_cmp.c:330:
4948:error:2107207F:PKCS7 routines:PKCS7_decrypt:private key does not match certificate:.\crypto\pkcs7\pk7_smime.c:552:

This means somewhere you mixed up a private and public key in the certificate files.

Use something like the OpenSSL wrapper verify-private-key-matches-certificate-x509-pem-cer.bat to verify them.

Error reading S/MIME message

Error reading S/MIME message
6900:error:0D06B08E:asn1 encoding routines:ASN1_D2I_READ_BIO:not enough data:.\crypto\asn1\a_d2i_fp.c:251:
6900:error:0D0D106E:asn1 encoding routines:B64_READ_ASN1:decode error:.\crypto\asn1\asn_mime.c:193:
6900:error:0D0D40CB:asn1 encoding routines:SMIME_read_ASN1:asn1 parse error:.\crypto\asn1\asn_mime.c:528:

OpenSSL does not like .EML files to end with a period (. which SMTP needs to process when sending an .EML file).
See and
The former throws this error, the latter not. This is not caused the width of the base64 encoding (which I initially thought) but the terminating period.

Verification failure

Verification failure
8228:error:21075075:PKCS7 routines:PKCS7_verify:certificate verify error:.\crypto\pkcs7\pk7_smime.c:342:Verify error:self signed certificate in certificate chai


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Skype Mix Minus – via: Joe Hecht – Google+

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/02/25

Joe Hecht on Skype Mix Minus – Google+.

Using USB audio mixers, Skype in VM, Virtual Sound Routing, and capturing video.

Awesome read!


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