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CodeRage 4: session “Practical XML in Delphi” chat and Q&A transcripts

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/09/09

Not only can you download CodeRage 4 session on materials on Practical XML in Delphi, but below you can also find the chat transcripts below.

Note the times are a bit odd: when the chat window refreshes, it sometimes uses the PST time zone, but new posts are using the local time zone.
Hence the sudden jump from 9 AM to  almost 6 PM.

VIP Room Transcript with Q&A

[5:46:28 PM] <davidi>

Q: thomasgrubb asked: “Is there an implementation for XMLDocument (for Delphi Win32) that is file-mapped, e.g., the whole doc is not loaded into memory?”
A: Not that Jeroen is aware of.
[5:46:54 PM] <davidi>

Q: thomasgrubb asked: “Is there an implementation for XMLDocument (for Delphi Win32) that is file-mapped, e.g., the whole doc is not loaded into memory?”
A: Not that Jeroen is aware of. Send Jeroen an email and he will blog about other solutions.
[5:47:20 PM] <davidi>

Q: thomasgrubb asked: “For Embarcadero Technologies: Are you going to develop a better option for validating XML on the Win32 side in the future?”
A: David I – replied – I will forward this to R&D and Product management
[5:53:14 PM] <davidi>

Q: devtux asked: “are you using any XML test generator? Please, suggest one if yes”
[5:53:47 PM] <davidi>

Q: richz asked: “I’ve been trying for weeks to find out how to have the Win32 Delphi IDE generate code to serialize/de-serialize my class properties to an XML file. Is there anything in the IDE to do that?”
A: From Delphi 2010 on – you can use DBX support for JSON!

Public Room Transcript

[7:58:58 AM] * Christine_Ellis has set the topic to: Session Room 2 – Next Session”Practical XML in Delphi” at 8AM PDT
[8:02:15 AM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> Starting livemeeting
[8:03:59 AM] * Jeroen_Pluimers is wondering why LiveMeeting is always asking for email/company. Does it suffer from Korsakov’s disease?
[8:07:34 AM] <Christine_Ellis> It asks because we tell it to.
[8:08:22 AM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> but it never remembers, even if you start it with the same session parametes.
[8:08:41 AM] <Christine_Ellis> live meeting doesn’t use cookies and doesn’t know who you are
[8:08:47 AM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> ok.
[8:09:29 AM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> can we do a quick audio test?
[8:12:48 AM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> I mean: fro my current Microphone; it works with sound recorder, but wonder if Live Meeting will get it today as well.
[8:15:55 AM] * Christine_Ellis has set the topic to: Session Room 2 – “Practical XML in Delphi
[8:35:37 AM] <Peter_Wolf> a lot of memory = usually 10 timer more than the size of XML file bytes
[8:36:27 AM] <Peter_Wolf> … the size of XML file in bytes
[8:39:14 AM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> @Peter: that totally depends on what you use to read that XML. The MSXML and Internet Explorer are notorous memory hogs. But .NET is much more efficient on memory usage.
[8:40:15 AM] <Peter_Wolf> i ment MSXML which is default for most users
[8:41:17 AM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> @Peter: yup, that’s why I mentioned that as the first one. Most of the Win32 users will use MSXML, because that is the default for Win32.
[8:43:45 AM] * Jeroen_Pluimers warns: be carefull where you press ESC in IE: it can unload your chat window.
[8:47:29 AM] <Scott_Hollows> my brain hurts
[8:48:57 AM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> Scott: let me know later on if I can make it more clear to you.
[8:50:27 AM] <Ryan_Ford> Will this presentation be available for download?
[8:51:05 AM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> @Ryan: yes it will.
[8:52:59 AM] <Ryan_Ford> Its so nice to run 8GB for development
[8:52:59 AM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> @Ryan: the session materials are available for download here: The replays will be available for download after the conference.
[8:58:56 AM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> My VIP room died.
[9:00:08 AM] <AbsaLootly> … you have to hate it when that happens…
[9:01:46 AM] <Ryan_Ford> What alternatives for MSXML are there for WIN32
[9:02:22 AM] <Peter_Wolf> it also takes forever to open really big XML files wh MSXML
[5:45:31 PM] <AbsaLootly> I saw one developer try to put an entire database in one xml file… it took several hours to load it.
[5:51:59 PM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> MSXML
[5:52:03 PM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> ADOM XML
[5:52:05 PM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> Xerces
[5:52:56 PM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> That straight from the Delphi 2010 TXMLDocument.DOMVendor property
[5:53:25 PM] <Jeroen_Pluimers> XMLSpy can generate test ML
[5:54:16 PM] <Rich__> Thx
[5:55:17 PM] <Jim_Ferguson> Can you briefly describe JSON?
[5:56:02 PM] <Jim_Ferguson> what tool do you use transcribe your chat?
[5:56:23 PM] <Jon> it’s called a keyboard :)


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