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Chrome will never add Find-As-You-Type to the Chromium core

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/01/24

To quote the comment below:

we have no plans to ever add FAYT to the core product.

Wow, that is a pretty strong statement.
The core chromium team somehow seems heavily opposed to FAYT, a feature you see more and more in modern products (not only browsers, also word processors, web sites, software development IDEs, etc).
Some people might know FAYT as “incremental search“, or “type ahead find“.

I’m wondering about the cause of this very strong statement.
Did some portion of the comment thread in the bug report seriously piss someone off at the Chromium team?
Are there technical objections?
Are there any usability objections?

It is a real pity that the Chromium team doesn’t go into more detail as to why the object to adding FAYT into the core.

The bug report is not the only thread about this, there is at least this help forum thread on it too.
Both are from 2008 (hey: that is ancient in internet years!) and are still active, so there clearly is demand for FAYT.

Internet Explorer does not have FAYT in its core either, but does Chrome really want to be compared with that?

Luckily, there are two FAYT extensions:

This is the full Comment 195 by project member, posted Friday 20110107:

@191: Hit ctrl-enter.

The rest: Apparently leaving comments open on this bug has given some of you the misimpression that adding comments is going to influence us to add the feature to Chrome. I don’t mind people commenting but, I think it’s wrong for people to get their hopes up about something that isn’t going to happen, or spend lots of time exhorting others to “influence” our UI team in ways that we’re not actually paying attention to (e.g. star counts on WontFixed bugs). Accordingly, I’m closing this to further comments by non-committers.

We understand that FAYT is a useful feature for a lot of you and you really like it. For people who have said they prefer Firefox to Chrome for this reason: it is completely reasonable for you to use Firefox — or any other browser — instead of Chrome, for whatever reason you wish. Multiple browsers exist partly because not everyone is the same and not everyone is well-served by a single product — Chrome not excepted.

I also appreciate the earlier comments that there’s currently an extension to add something like this, which (to reiterate) you can find at . If you want to continue to use Chrome perhaps that will be of use. We’re always happy for people to write extensions, as that’s the best way for us to meet the needs of smaller-but-dedicated user groups like all of you in cases where the core product is suboptimal.

To sum, you are welcome to continue starring this bug if you wish, but there won’t be further activity on it and we have no plans to ever add FAYT to the core product.


via Issue 150 – chromium – Type-ahead-find – Project Hosting on Google Code.

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