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Exporting Google Chrome cookies for wget usage: cookie.txt export – Google Chrome extension gallery

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/05/30

When using wget for downloading from the command-line, sometimes you need cookies in netscape file format.

There is a Chrome cookie.txt export extension that makes exporting your cookies in that format easy.

It opens a window that contains the cookies relevant to the domain of the currently opened web-page. You copy/paste your cookies in format like this:

# Cookies for domains related to
# This content may be pasted into a cookies.txt file and used by wget
# Example: wget -x --load-cookies cookies.txt
# FALSE / FALSE 1304919940 TESTCOOKIE home FALSE / FALSE 1304920249 TESTCOOKIE home FALSE / FALSE 1304920561 TESTCOOKIE home FALSE / FALSE 1304920572 TESTCOOKIE home

It even includes the wget command-line example for loading the cookies using the –load-cookies option :)


via: cookie.txt export – Google Chrome extension gallery.

3 Responses to “Exporting Google Chrome cookies for wget usage: cookie.txt export – Google Chrome extension gallery”

  1. sasi said

    actually where do i need to use that wget command.. had the text file..

  2. jmdigne said

    Thanks a lot for your trick, this save me a lot of time to do backup

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