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Delphi XE4: installer batch file for “experimental GExperts + code formatter for Delphi XE4”

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/06/12

Slightly more than a month ago, Thomas Müller release the experimental GExperts + code formatter for Delphi XE4.

Since there is no official GExperts for Delphi XE4 build yet, his installation instructions include this:

Use the ExpertManager tool to register GExperts to Delphi XE4.

The thing is: ExpertManager is part of GExperts, so this introduces a “chichen-and-egg” situation.

So I wrote a small batch file and a bit of documentation to install it.

Just in case you cannot download that SVN changeset easily, here are the documentation and batch-file:


Steps to install:
0- Quit Delphi XE4
1- Download the GExperts XE4 experimental from
2- Recursively unpack that download
3- Copy the batch file Install-GExperts-XE4-experimental–run-as-administrator-from-ExpertManager.exe-directory.bat into that directory
4- From that directory, run the copied Install-GExperts-XE4-experimental–run-as-administrator-from-ExpertManager.exe-directory.bat
5- Run Delphi XE4
6- Check if GExperts is installed

Batch file

:: check if user is administrator

  "C:\Windows\system32\cacls.exe" "C:\Windows\system32\config\system" 1>nul 2>&1  && (goto :isAdmin)
  echo you need to be Administrator, and (when under Vista or higher) run this using using UAC
  goto :exit


:: Gets the right link for x86 (32-bit) program files
IF /I %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% == amd64 goto :x64
IF /I %PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432% == amd64 goto :x64
goto :x86
   :: OS is 64bit
   set ProgramFilesX86=%ProgramFiles(x86)%
  goto :continue
   :: OS is 32bit
  set ProgramFilesX86=%ProgramFiles%
  goto :continue


:: create the right directory and copy the files


  set TargetDirectory=%ProgramFilesX86%\GExperts for RAD Studio XE4

  mkdir "%TargetDirectory%"
::  set FilesToCopy=DbugIntf.pas ExpertManager.exe GExperts.chm GExpertsDebugWindow.exe GExpertsGrep.exe regularexpert\GExpertsRSXE4.dll Readme.txt preview.pas
  set FilesToCopy=ExpertManager.exe GExperts.chm regularexpert\GExpertsRSXE4.dll preview.pas

  for %%f in (%FilesToCopy%) do copy /y %%f "%TargetDirectory%\"
  set RegFile="%TargetDirectory%\ExpertsXE4.reg"
::  explorer /select,"%TargetDirectory%\GExpertsRSXE4.dll"

:: expand backslash into double backslash for .REG file
  set ExpertTarget="%TargetDirectory%\GExpertsRSXE4.dll"
  set ExpertTarget=%ExpertTarget:\=\\%

::Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
::"GExperts"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\GExperts for RAD Studio XE4\\GExpertsRSXE4.dll"
  echo Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 >%RegFile%
  echo. >>%RegFile%
  echo [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\11.0\Experts] >>%RegFile%
  echo "GExperts"=%ExpertTarget% >>%RegFile%
  echo. >>%RegFile%
::  explorer /select,%RegFile%
  regedit /S %RegFile%


  goto :exit



via: experimental GExperts + code formatter for Delphi XE4 « twm’s blog.

2 Responses to “Delphi XE4: installer batch file for “experimental GExperts + code formatter for Delphi XE4””

  1. btw: There is no chicken and egg problem: I had included the Experts manager as a stand alone executable.

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