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Posted by jpluimers on 2013/12/25 had a nice end-of-year present too: inserting a backslash (\) before every single (‘) or double (“) quote on various sites:

It\’s not your fault. Code rots. We don\’t hold entropy against you, but we expect you to give a damn. This story is about code that brings new meaning to the word \’legacy\’. The accidental discovery of this body of code provoked a moral crisis. I wanted to pretend I hadn\’t seen it, yet I couldn\’t justify tiptoeing quietly away. This talk examines the dilemmas we face when balancing our choices today with their cost tomorrow. It\’s not your fault. Even so, it is your responsibility.

Clearly they haven’t watched this video:

Since don’t seem to bother reacting on their payed customer support forum within reasonable amounts for a long while, I’ll be publicly posting about their issues from now on.

Merry X-mas!


via: ▶ Baruco 2013: Here Be Dragons, by Katrina Owen – YouTube.

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