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Archive for March 12th, 2014

$120 Raspberry Pi Bundle with LCD Display, Expansion Boards, Cables, and Accessories (via: Jean-Luc Aufranc – Google+)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/03/12

Jean-Luc Aufranc. is a great guy with lots of knowledge in the embedded world (read his resume).

I’ve been interested in Raspberry Pi experiments for a while now, so I was glad that today he pointed me to this very nice kit:

$120 Raspberry Pi Bundle with LCD Display, Expansion Boards, Cables, and Accessories

You can get it through DealExtreme, which I will do soon.

(I just saw how a guy is using a massive amount of Raspberry Pi and custom ASICs to mine for BitCoins)


via Jean-Luc Aufranc – Google+.

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CodeRage 8 replays – Embarcadero Technologies – YouTube

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/03/12

For my own link archive: CodeRage 8 replays – Embarcadero Technologies – YouTube.

Lots of nice sessions, including these REST sessions:

About the REST support in Delphi: make sure you take a look at the REST Debugger application, as you get full source code for it and is an excellent starting point to see how the REST components work together (it is written using the FireMonkey UI framework so it runs on a Mac as well as on Windows).

David I explains more about the REST Debugger here: Sip from the Firehose : Using the REST Debugger will help you prototype your Delphi and C++ REST apps.

Jim McKeeth has a really nice video about it as well on XE5 REST Debugger Supercharged | The Podcast at which describes how to use Delphi the Delphi REST tools to use KimonoLabs to scrape data from web sites:

 kimono : Turn websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds.


RestDemo folder with many examples that connect to many social things (Twitter, FaceBook, DropBox, etc).

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History: run HD image with Borland’s Turbo Pascal 5.5/6.0/7.0 and Microsoft’s QuickPascal 1.0 in VMware Fusion

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/03/12

A really long time ago, I posted in history – What features contributed to the evolution of Pascal? – Programmers indicating there was a Hard Disk Image of MS-DOS 6.22 with Pascal for Computer Studies. In fact, that is an IMG file of a DOS hard disk. And this posts shows how to use it with VMware Fusion on Mac OS X. The is a hard disk image contains:

  • A full version of MS-DOS 6.22 (MSDN Original)
  • Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0 (main)
  • Borland Turbo Pascal 6.0
  • Borland Turbo Pascal 5.5
  • Microsoft QuickPascal 1.0

DOS on a Mac

At the end of last century, nobody would expect to even run a terminal shell on Mac OS. And indeed, up until Mac OS 9, this was impossible. But in 1999 (Darwin) and 2000 (Mac OS X Server 1.0) Apple introduced into OS X  (called OS X since 10.8), allowing access to the command line shell. Read the rest of this entry »

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