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Reference card for Linux performance and analysis tools (via: Antony Peel – Google+)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/03/19

Brilliant reference card for Linux performance and analysis tools.

Click on the below image to enlarge.

Tools covered in the card:

  • blktrace
  • dstat
  • dtrace
  • free
  • iostat
  • iotop
  • ip
  • mpstat
  • netstat
  • nicstat
  • perf
  • pidstat
  • ping
  • sar
  • slabtpo
  • stap
  • strace
  • tcpdump
  • top
  • vmstat

Later ltrace was mentioned at Kristian Köhntopp – Google+ – Linux performance and analysis tools.

Areas covered in the card:

  • Disk
  • I/O Controller
  • Port
  • Network Controller
  • I/O Bridge
  • Device Drivers
  • Block Device Interface
  • LVM
  • file systems (ext3/…)
  • ZFS
  • VFS
  • Ethernet
  • IP
  • Sockets
  • Virtual Memory
  • Scheduler
  • System Call Interface
  • System Libraries
  • Applications (DBs, servers, …)
  • CPU
  • DRAM



Below are two variations of the chart. A third is at

Antony Peel - Google+ - Linux performance and analysis tools

“Linux Performance Observability Tools”

“Linux Performance Observability Tools”

5 Responses to “Reference card for Linux performance and analysis tools (via: Antony Peel – Google+)”

  1. […]… […]

  2. […] 首先是在陈立人的微博上面看到这张图,找了一下图片的演变过程,如下网页做了较详细的介绍,链接。另外这里给出了Linux性能监控、测试和优化的三个版本的工具:链接。  […]

  3. […]   首先是在陈立人的微博上面看到这张图,找了一下图片的演变过程,如下网页做了较详细的介绍,链接。另外这里给出了 Linux 性能监控、测试和优化的三个版本的工具:链接。  […]

  4. […]   首先是在陈立人的微博上面看到这张图,找了一下图片的演变过程,如下网页做了较详细的介绍,链接。另外这里给出了 Linux 性能监控、测试和优化的三个版本的工具:链接。  […]

  5. […] 首先是在陈立人的微博上面看到这张图,找了一下图片的演变过程,如下网页做了较详细的介绍,链接。另外这里给出了Linux性能监控、测试和优化的三个版本的工具:链接。  […]

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