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When opening SQL Server Management studio with ssms command (+parameters) I need the Object Explorer to be filled and point to the right location – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/03/25

As a SQL Server developer, most of us make extensive use of SQL Server Management Studio.

With lots of production database, I have a directory full of shorcuts that pre-fill server/database/… on the command-line.

One of the drawbacks these shortcuts have is that the Object Explorer stays empty, and does not sync with the currently active Server/Database.

While browsing to solve that, I found that the

Alt+F8 shortcut will focus the SERVER in the Object Explorer.

This was explained by StackOverflow user Andrei Rantsevich who had this great answer on StackOverflow:

there is no native functionality in SSMS to implement it. There is a shortcut Alt+F8 which focuses SERVER in object exlorer, but not the database.

I have developed add-in for SSMS and have implemented function that you are looking for: it syncronizes current editor window with ObjectExplorer – database will be focused and expanded in the tree (you do not even need to have Server be opened in Object Explorer – it will be added in this case). Follow this Link to see feature description

Well, in SSMSBoost I have implemented the feature that dumps all commands and their shortcuts registered in SSMS, so you can look there for keywords like “server” or “focus” or other words and simply discover commands that you might need.

SSMSBoost is available for the 2008 and 2012 versions of SSMS both in a Free and Professional edition.



via: When opening SQL Server Management studio with ssms command (+parameters) I need the Object Explorer to be filled and point to the right location – Stack Overflow.

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