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Why I dislike GoToWebinar by Citrix: 0 stars out of 5.

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/10/31

Last week, I viewed to webinars. A smaller one Geek Fest – Automating the ForgeRock Platform Installation about Ansible installation of Unix machines, and the first 70% of the last day ofCodeRage 9 | Free Development Event by Embarcadero.

Both had a bad experience because of GoToWebinar has a really bad user experience.

  1.  When a GoToWebinar connection terminates, the GoToWebinar client closes. You loose everything in the Q&A log. You need to hope someone else saved the Q&A log so you can see the public questions, but the private comments you made are gone.
  2. It is impossible to install the Windows client when you are behind a McAfee Web Gateway that filters downloads and HTTPS traffic. After trying for about 15 minutes, we gave up and reverted back to a Mac over another connection. It meant we could not use the conference room and had to cram many people behind a small MacBook screen.
  3. The Mac OS X client does not allow you to resise the Q&A log, so even on a 4k display, you can see like 10 lines of Q&A.
  4. When there are many attendees, the refresh rate slows down from sub second to once per 5-10 seconds, this is really bad when watching demos of software: a big aim of webinars.

When terminating, the only thing GoToWebinar allows you to do is give feed back (too bad they don’t allow for detailed feed back). So I gave it 0 out of 5 stars.


PS: I could save the below Q&A logs. If you have other logs, please let me know so I can publish them. I’m especially interested in Have You Embraced Your Inner Software Plumber Yet? by David Schwartz – The Tool Wiz

These are the  CodeRage 9 – Object Pascal Sessions I could save the Q&A log of:

3 Responses to “Why I dislike GoToWebinar by Citrix: 0 stars out of 5.”

  1. Klaus said

    In the sessions of coderage 9 the picture was very often behind the sound. This plus very low refresh rate caused me often to guess what the presenter in detail did (i.e. when selecting a certain menu item I just heard him which optien he chooses, but could not see it because these frames I didn’t see…). If this this behaviour depends on the number of attendees then yes, sometimes success is evil.

  2. jpluimers said

    Uwe Raabe posted this reaction on my G+ stream:

    I find it outrageous that the presenter can turn on my webcam and I cannot control that (besides pulling the plug obviously). When I mute the speakers (because answering the phone) and a new session begins, the sound is automagically switched on again. Sometimes I feel more like a victim than an attendee. My vote: -10!


  3. […] Why I dislike GoToWe… on CodeRage 9 Q&A log: Client… […]

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