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The latest innovation from the media – CommitStrip: @WIRED and @parool are out

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/03/24

Fun: The latest innovation from the media | CommitStrip: block visitors that use adblockers.

The real fun: the first comments G+ re-share “The end of the ad-blocking wars (and some media)”  are from people that exactly do what’s in the third frame: bye bye adblock-blocker site.

For good reason too: viewing ads has become a clear and present danger to our security and privacy.

I won’t even bother trying ad-blocker-blocker-blockers.

  1. If a site blocks me, they’re out.
  2. If they don’t block me, I share their interesting information with attribution.
  3. If they have a cookie wall that prevents seeing what I want to share, they’re out too.

@WIRED and @parool are out for reasons 1 and 3.


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