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Perl: checking if makedepend is available without using File::Which

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/08/25

Long lasting open source projects often use makedepend to amend Makefiles with C header dependencies.

However, makedepend is old, not available on some systems (like Mac OS X or Windows) and can have different behaviour than the C compiler on those systems. The alternative usually is the -M switch on the C compiler.

In practice, either makedepend, or the alternative is available, so when prepping for a build you have to choose which one to use.

Some of those open source projects use Perl as a bootstrapper. I’ll write more about those boots trappers in the future, but first lets go back to the post title:

First detecting the availability of makedepend from Perl without relying on File::Which which isn’t installed by default on systems having Perl so a gated check-in build like this Travis build fails.

The trick I use is Perl backticks (aka qx) to try and execute makedepend merging the output of both stdout and stderr (using 2>&1 which is available on most shells). If there is no output, then the result is undef which means makedepend is not available.

# ensure to take the stdout and stderror so we get output like this:
# 'makedepend: error: cannot open "Makefile.makedepend"
my $makedepend_output = `makedepend -f Makefile.makedepend 2>&1`;
if (!$makedepend_output)
print "No makedepend executable found on your path.\n";
print "Output of makedepend: '$makedepend_output'.\n";



One Response to “Perl: checking if makedepend is available without using File::Which”

  1. […] matching, the main Perl thing was to find if makedepend exists as an executable on the path. I wrote about that before, as the File::Which solution that I started with isn’t available in all Perl […]

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