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Convert FRITZ!Box 7360 to Managed Switch (or even Access Point) having it’s own IP address: Setting up the FRITZ!Box as an IP client – via AVM International

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/01/23

This was a tad difficult to find as I searched for “Convert Fritz!Box to Switch” instead of “Convert Fritz!Box to Access Point”.

Since I had an old Fritz!Box 7360 lying around (from my ADSL era) and wanted to extend the cabled LAN for my brothers Fritz!Box 7490 with some low-bandwidth devices (max 100 megabit/second) I searched for Switch. My bad.

Oh I had to factory reset it as well as I forgot the management credentials. The AVM help on this is cumbersome: Loading the FRITZ!Box factory settings | FRITZ!Box 7360 | AVM International but the xs4all help includes a web-reset procedure as part of Internet: Reset procedures van mijn FRITZ!Box 7360 which translates to:

  1. Switch off the Fritz!Box (as this procedure needs to be done within 10 minutes of switching it on)
  2. Connect LAN2 to your computer
  3. Switch on the Fritz!Box
  4. Wait for a DHCP IP or (if you know the IP addresses) configure IP manually
  5. Go to the web-interface URL
  6. Indicate you forgot your password:

    Forgot your password?

    Forgot your password?

  7. Indicate you want a factory reset:

    Restore Factory Settings

    Restore Factory Settings

Anyway: with the above steps it becomes a Managed Switch (and if you don’t disable WiFi: Access Point too) that uses the primary internet connection as DHCP server (so it gets an IP address itself as well which means you can manage it).

This is what happens:

When the FRITZ!Box is used as an IP client, it shares the existing Internet connection of your other router. In this case the firewall of the FRITZ!Box is disabled. network devices connected to the FRITZ!Box still obtain their IP settings from the other router. all network devices have unrestricted access to all other network devices, regardless of whether they are connected to the FRITZ!Box or the other router.

These are the steps:

2 Configuring the FRITZ!Box

  1. Click “Internet” in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click “Account Information” in the “Internet” menu.
  3. Select “Other Internet service provider” from the drop-down list “Internet service provider”. With some regional settings, this entry will not be displayed until you select “More Internet service providers”.
  4. Enable the option “External modem or router” in the “Connect via” or “Connection” section.
  5. Select “Share existing Internet connection in the network (IP client mode)” in the “Operating Mode” section.
  6. Enter the relevant speeds of your Internet connection in the “Downstream” and “Upstream” fields.

    Enter 32000 for a downstream of 32 Mbit/s; enter 2000 for an upstream of 2 Mbit/s.

  7. Click on “Change connection settings”.
  8. Configure the IP settings:
    • If the router in the network provides a DHCP server:
      • Enable the option “Obtain the IP address automatically (DHCP)”.
    • If the router in the network does not provide a DHCP server:
      1. Enable the option “Configure the IP address manually”.
      2. Enter IP settings that fit with the IP network of the router:
        • “IP address”: IP address from the router’s network.

          The router has the IP address (subnet mask and is therefore in the network In this case you can enter as the IP address.

          Important:The IP address you select may not already be used by another device in the router’s network.

        • “Subnet mask”: Subnet mask of the router
        • “Default gateway”: IP address of the router
        • “Primary DNS server”: IP address of the router
  9. Click “Apply” to save your settings.

The FRITZ!Box is now configured for operation as an IP client.

Important:In this operating mode, you can no longer open the user interface with Instead, proceed as described in the section “Opening the FRITZ!Box user interface” (see below).

Source: Setting up the FRITZ!Box as an IP client | FRITZ!Box 7360 | AVM International


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