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Having one Raspberry Pi reset another Raspberry Pi through relay or transistor

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/04/11

I’m going to build this later, but as the follow up on shortening the RUN pins of a Raspberry Pi to reset it in The woods and trees of OpenSuSE on single-board computers – image abbreviations – and getting it installed using OS X, I want to see if the below will work for me to have a pair (maybe trio?) of Raspberry Pi devices watch each other and reset any hung one.

The need comes because sometimes a Raspberry Pi either hangs or just won’t finish a reboot sequence:

Basically a Raspberry Pi has GPIO pins that can drive electromechanic (like mechanical relay) or electronic (like transistor+resistors or SSR solid-state relay). Examples:

So basic steps:

  1. Get switching gear (relay+diode, transistor+resistors or solid-state-relay)
  2. On each Pi modify the RUN holes so it has a header
  3. Connect header to switching gear
  4. Write watch-dog code to monitor other Pi and flip GPIO pin
  5. Test, test, test

And since I’m relatively new at electronics:




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