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Embarcadero QualityCentral is dead; man-decades of customer work down the drain

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/06/05

Without announcing an actual date, right before the weekend Embarcadero killed their [WayBack] QualityCentral publicly accessible and search engine indexed issue database.

So I wrote this on Google Plus:

Embarcadero just flushed down the drain man-decades of work and useful information. Mainly nilling the work done by their customers to document and inform about known issues, knowing search engines indexed it well and having some hope it would assist into maybe some getting resolved.

The documentation has not been updated and still references, for instance from [

They say the web service is still up, but that likely will die at the snap of a finger as well. Besides, these links mentioned in QualityCentral web services guide are dead too:

These still work though:

So all is left are memories from the past. And dead links from Stack Overflow, blogs and other sites to a defunct repository.

Dead links: even from for instance EDN: q=””

Luckily some of the links have been saved in the WayBack machine:

It would have been better if Embarcadero had put some time to archive everything there.

I doubt they will. There was a habit of reclassifying bugs in QC as “feature requests” which continues in Quality Portal (which requires login and is not indexed by search engines so has way less value).

[WayBack] And here is why I think twice before spending time to report feature requests to QP. And even bugs/unexpected behavior are regularly being sweeped under the carpet reclassified as new feature… – Stefan Glienke – Google+


Oh well, life goes on and relying on one development tool or vendor is never a good idea.



18 Responses to “Embarcadero QualityCentral is dead; man-decades of customer work down the drain”

  1. Remy said

    As for Embarcadero’s DocWiki still having a page about QualityCentral, that is probably because the IDE itself still uses QC for automated crash reports and such. The public interface may be gone now, but the web service still exists (for now). Eventually, the IDE will have to be updated to use Quality Portal instead. Also, the QC documentation page does have a link to the documentation page about Quality Portal.

  2. While the QC webservice is still running, if you need access to old QC data, look at QCScraper (

  3. Wodzu said

    Honestly, the biggest flaw of current Quality Portal is that you need to be logged in to read about bugs and it is not indexed by search engines. That really sucks, couldn’t you change it please?

  4. Donovan said

    I don’t understand the need for it to be taken down though?

    Surely it wasn’t doing any harm? In fact, I know that a lot of developers still work on older versions of Delphi and those posts were invaluable.

    Just seems weird that a company that is already struggling to compete in its industry would do something to weaken its online presence.

  5. Brian Andersen said

    Am I the only one thinking: “what about converting the old data to the new system?”. There’s a lot of good information there and should all this just get lost?

    You are no drama queen! You are a straight up hero for making a good point. And what an attitude to be meet with? How rude can one be.

    Jim I only see one reason for dropping all the data in the old system. And that is that you just don’t care and you hope that a lot of the reported issues just goes away be itself.

  6. Your attempts at sensationalizing everything that happens and trying to make it sound like a huge catastrophe gets old. It was announced a long time ago that QC was going away, so not sure how you are surprised by this. It was even posted on the QC home page in big bold font.

    • jpluimers said

      I never got an email about QC going down, nor did any of the Windows QC clients notify me of such.

      Normal companies would have a sunset procedure where step by step they would notify people involved, assisting them in exporting what they think is valuable and allow the information to be migrated to the new system.

      Not just pull the kill switch after putting a message in one place on the web that somewhere in the future it “will eventually be retired”, nor failing to ensure all information from the old system is in fact available at the same visibility level in the new system.

      Just read the very thin statement at and read it from a customer perspective. Customers hardly see that page anyway as they got to the actual issue pages via public search engines like Google, BING and others.

      Which brings me to that isn’t a replacement of

      Embarcadero totally under values the customer value of a public search engine indexed issue tracking system that has the complete history of all products in it.

      • I don’t think you get any of the emails I send. We’ve made numerous announcements that it was going away and encouraged people to backup data and such.

        If there is something you need to export? I’d be happy to turn the web interface back on for a short period of time since you missed the notice. I know turning a retired system back on isn’t something a normal company does, but I try to be flexible and helpful. Again, not normal company procedures, but I don’t want to be normal. You can be normal if you want to be though.

        • jpluimers said

          Just make it available read-only, ensure everything gets migrated to WayBack machine or a static site and the community at large will be happy.

          Ideas like that should have been part of a sun-set plan.

          These queries didn’t turn up any emails in any of my email acrhives:

          • qc from:embarcadero shut down
          • qc from:embarcadero sunset
          • qc from:embarcadero retired
        • Joseph Mitzen said

          We’ve made numerous announcements that it was going away

          Instead of making announcements, why didn’t you engage the community in dialogue and see what they wanted to do? The whole Delphi proprietary thing is anachronistic anyway, but most development communities today are run by foundations that work with guidance from the actual development communities they serve. You’ve got 100% of respondents here unhappy about this. Clearly if you’d engaged the community you’d have realized that and Jeroen wouldn’t need to complain – he’d have been able to suggest a sensible plan to archive the contents and you wouldn’t be in this position right now (making it worse with your attitude).

    • Joseph Mitzen said

      And yet another Embarcadero employee demonstrates hyper-defensiveness and a willingness to attack customers to deflect from their own company’s incompetence. What gets old is Embarcadero trying to convince us that every embarrassing problem “is just a flesh wound”.

      It was announced a long time ago that QC was going away

      Announcing bad ideas doesn’t make them any less bad.

  7. Leif Uneus said

    QC has always been a reference point where to go when you need confirmation (and workarounds) when code does not work as expected. If this database goes offline, it will have consequences for future investments in our codebase.

  8. Günther the Beautiful said

    I don’t understand the commotion either. It was announced as far back as 2014 that QC is going to be retired. Now they finally pulled the last plug. I honestly don’t see the problem.

  9. aplikmuj said

    What a drama queen … ;)

  10. Eric ten Westenend said

    I will check with Marleen, Barnsten.

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