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A success story – kudos to ScaleMM, +André Mussche… – Ondrej Kelle – Google+

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/08/15

Though no maintenance for over 2 years, it ScaleMM seems among the fastest of Delphi memory managers: [WayBack] GitHub – andremussche/scalemm: Fast scaling memory manager for Delphi

Full story via [WayBackA success story – kudos to ScaleMM, +André Mussche… – Ondrej Kelle – Google+ at [WayBack] just tried Scaled MM – cut the time for 100k down from 51 minutes to 40 minutes. That’s with 18 (9+9) cores allocated to the app and 2 to everything else. Wow, allocating 8 + 8 and the time drops even more… – Russell Weetch

Two lessons on multi-threading here:

  • use a memory manager that copes well with threads
  • do not allocate more busy threads than available (hyper-threaded) cores

Some history (as ScaleMM, TopMM and FastMM seem to be related):

  • A bit of history here: at the time we had the mm contest. Not many people had access to 8 cores+, we had…. Andre and Ivo were both colleagues of mine at that point, although working for different companies. We needed (stock trading, Ivo and me) something to scale and Ivo wrote topmm, which still performs better on multi-cores than fastmm and has less assembler code. Andre improved on Ivo’s concepts and yes, it really outperforms fastmm on multi-cores today.
    It also out-performs most C family provided mm’s. Note I was not massively involved, but both Ivo and Andre were. And both did a proper job. So KUDOS to them.
    Note these (fastmm and topmm) were written with multi-core in mind. The practical results at the time were often under-estimated, because few people had access to the real hardware. Most of us running two cores at most. Nice to see that the concept those two programmers pursued still pays dividend in 2018!
  • Read: ScaleMM and TopMM and FastMM… Keyboard left me..
    (I wrote COMMM as a joke..!).
  • [WayBack] TopMemory v3.55. High Performance. Fully Scalable. Free. Memory Manager. for. Delphi – PDF
  • [WayBack] FPC Anagrams

There are also some IntelTBB memory manager references at [WayBack]


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