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Delphi Declarations and Statements: Hinting Directives

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/02/06

From [WayBackDeclarations and Statements: Hinting Directives you might remember this:

The ‘hint’ directives platformdeprecated, and library may be appended to any declaration. These directives will produce warnings at compile time. Hint directives can be applied to type declarations, variable declarations, class, interface and structure declarations, field declarations within classes or records, procedure, function and method declarations, and unit declarations.

However, it doesn’t as at least these fail:

{ [dcc32 Error] ClassConstUsageConsoleProject.dpr(14): E1030 Invalid compiler directive: 'DEPRECATED' }
  TMyProcedure = procedure() of object deprecated 'do not use TMyProcedure';
{ [dcc32 Error] E1030 Invalid compiler directive: 'DEPRECATED' }
  TMyReference = reference to procedure() deprecated 'do not use TMyReference';

These two helped me though:

This fails too:

{ [dcc32 Error] E2029 '=' expected but ';' found }
  TArrayChars = array of Char; deprecated;
{ [dcc32 Error] E2029 ';' expected but identifier 'deprecated' found }
  TArrayChars = array of Char deprecated;

But this is a workaround:

  TArrayCharsOld = array of Char;
  TArrayChars = TArrayCharsOld deprecated;

Which works for the procedure types as well:

  TMyProcedureOld = procedure() of object;
  TMyProcedure = TMyProcedureOld deprecated 'do not use TMyProcedure';
  TMyReferenceOld = reference to procedure();
  TMyReference = TMyReferenceOld deprecated 'do not use TMyReference';



One Response to “Delphi Declarations and Statements: Hinting Directives”

  1. ‘deprecated’ does not work on ‘property’ declarations, either.

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