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TFreedObject in FastMM4/FastMM4.pas at master · pleriche/FastMM4 · GitHub

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/01/08

Reminder to Self:

  {The class used to catch attempts to execute a virtual method of a freed
  TFreedObject = class
    procedure GetVirtualMethodIndex;
    procedure VirtualMethodError;
{$ifdef CatchUseOfFreedInterfaces}
    procedure InterfaceError;

If you encounter the class TFreedObject when doing a cast, then you’re working on a freed object and have FastMM4 enabled to detect that.

Source: [WayBackFastMM4/FastMM4.pas at master · pleriche/FastMM4 · GitHub; FastMM4 – A memory manager for Delphi and C++ Builder with powerful debugging facilities

Note that if you want to see the underlying FastMM data for any TObject allocation, use this watch (where Self is the current instance):

PFullDebugBlockHeader(PByte(Self) - SizeOf(TFullDebugBlockHeader))^

You can also put a ,r behind it to see the fields of this structure:

(Reserved1:nil; Reserved2:nil; AllocatedByRoutine:$41BF74; AllocationGroup:0; 
AllocationStackTrace:(4224198, 4233131, 4235210, 11103806, 6552132, 131126, 6597961, 11106984, 4235210, 11107153, 11104090); 
AllocatedByThread:90428; FreedByThread:90428; 
FreeStackTrace:(4241541, 131126, 4235210, 11103806, 6552132, 131126, 6597961, 11106984, 4235210, 11107153, 11104090); 
UserSize:36; PreviouslyUsedByClass:132272; HeaderCheckSum:2673350594)


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