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LD_PRELOAD: preload a Linux library, for instance to obtain more information on a segmentation fault

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/06/11

Not being a proficient Linux programmer, I wondered what other means than learning gdb intrinsics I had to get more information about a segmentation fault.

A while back, pip list 2> /dev/null would cause a segmentation fault on my system (see [WayBack] Bug 1084812 – [aarch64] IPv4 DNS leading to segfaults).

It turns out that LD_PRELOAD was my friend (like TERM=xterm was a friend before): pip list 2> /dev/null

It indicated that the problem was in libc, which on opensuse is implemented by glibc.

This meant that the originally diagnosed problem was already accurately describing the symptoms.

Searching for glibc didn’t reveal many useful links, so I’ve included the one making most sense to me here:

The cool thing: most of the links above come from [WayBack] segmentation fault – Can you get any program in Linux to print a stack trace if it segfaults? – Server Fault which I found when searching for linux find segmentation fault stack trace

That link explains both the LD_PRELOAD steps and gdb steps (:

An alternative is to use gdb directly: [WayBack] command line arguments – How do I run a program with commandline args using gdb within a bash script? – Stack Overflow:

gdb -ex=run --args pip list


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