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Archive for the ‘F2084’ Category

When you are bitten by normally having the luxury of a current development environment

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/10/06

Sometimes you are at clients that don’t fully appreciate the luxury of keeping their development environment current.

This case a client still using Delphi 2006, where I promptly ran into a compiler error that was solved 5 years ago: a “F2084 Internal Error: C11919” at the end of the method.

  if RMQResult.Create(CompCode, Reason).IsOK then
end; // [Pascal Fatal Error] MQObjects.pas(668): F2084 Internal Error: C11919

The cause is that the compiler barfs at calling a method on a freshly created record.
The function result is an intermediate, which is not handled correctly (fixed in Delphi 2007).

This is not only for record intermediates: reusing an intermediate like the result of Pred() will crash the compiler in Delphi 2006.

The workaround is introducing a real variable.
This works:

  MQResult: RMQResult;
  MQResult := RMQResult.Create(CompCode, Reason);
  if MQResult.IsOK then
end; // compiles fine


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Delphi – for … in on enumerated data types

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/10/27

I like enumerated type a lot.
The allow you to perfectly describe what the members of such a type actually mean, much more readable than a bunch of integer constants!

Given an enumerated type like TTraphicLightColors

  TTraphicLightColors = (Red, Orange, Green);

I always wondered why  – since the for ... in statement was added to the structured statements part of the Delphi language – it is not possible to use a for … in statement like the this:

  TraphicLightColor: TTraphicLightColors;
    for TraphicLightColor in TraphicLightColor do
    // [DCC Error] EnumerationEnumeratorDemoProcedures.dpr(63): E2430 for-in statement cannot operate on collection type 'TTraphicLightColors'

Somehow, for … in expects a collection type.
A request for [WayBack] the for … in do on enumerated types compiler feature is in QC, but it is closed with reason “Won’t do”.

Back in Delphi 2007, I tried working around this by writing a type implementing the GetEnumerator pattern myself, but got [WayBack] Internal Errors when compiling anything but the most basic sample.

Until today, where I found how I could get that most basic sample to work!
It is an example on how you could implement this: it is research, so you decide if you find the result practical enough to use yourself.

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