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Archive for the ‘.NET CF’ Category

A few more interesting links on Delphi, C# and CLR history (trip down memory lane; Peter Sollich)

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/02/27

The continuation of the trip down memory lane

Few people know the name Peter Sollich, as he always chose not to be a public figure (for instance, he is absent on the Outstanding Technical Achievement video).

Peter has been very important for both the Delphi and the .NET worlds: he was the original author of the 32-bit product that became the Delphi x86 compiler.

A few interesting links came up when using his name in some Google searches.


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Bring back support for Smart Device Extensions – Customer Feedback for Microsoft

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/10/11

Having done quite a bit of Windows CE development work in .NET, I totally support the below UserVoice request: re-add support for Windows CE in Visual Studio 2010.

Please vote both the underlying Microsoft connect request, and the uservoice entryif you support it too!

Bring back support for Smart Device Extensions

Microsoft caused outrage when without warning or explanation they dropped support for the Smart Device Extensions. Meaning that there is no support for both managed (Compact Framework) and unmanaged (C++) development for the Windows CE platform.

Microsoft promised support would be added by the time VS2010 was released but then back tracked, to date the official line is use VS2008. This product is nearly 4 years old, it is becoming increasingly more impractical to use VS2008 solely for the purpose of developing for the Windows CE platform. Many development teams invested heavily in the benefit of having a single UI for both embedded and desktop development, with the advent of the Compact Framework skill sets and more importantly the code base could easily be shared across platforms. This is now no longer true, as the desktop development/source control/build/test environments have moved on the embedded development environment is stuck in the past. This means duplication of code, duplication of effort and increased cost.

Anyone wanting to start developing for Windows CE has to first buy an MSDN subscription because you can no longer buy VS2008 retail.

As support for Smart Devices has been inherent in VS since VS2003 many people have been caught out when upgrading to VS2010, in many cases those who make their living in the embedded world are now stuck with no upgrade path. Microsoft has refused to comment or discuss the future of embedded development, this silence has forced many to look at alternative platforms.

One of the top voted suggestions on the Connect site was to restore Smart Device Extension support in VS2010, Microsoft has ignored this in typical fashion.

See the Connect Item.


via Bring back support for Smart Device Extensions – Customer Feedback for Microsoft.

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Some #reflector URLs

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/02/17

While it is still free…

The current version:

The “Check for Updates” entry in the “Help” menu checks this URL:

Which currently returns:{Client}&Version={Version}

When Reflector detects there is a new version, you get a dialog like this:

.NET Reflector
A new version of .NET Reflector is available. Do you want to install automatically?
Yes No

When you press [Yes], it starts downloading from a URL that depends on the current version:

{Client} was replaced by Reflector, and {Version} was replaced by (the version of the currently running Reflector).


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