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Archive for the ‘OS X Mountain Lion’ Category

Mac OS X: “fzsftp could not be started” when connecting over SFTP

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/06/02

A while ago I had a “fzsftp could not be started” error using FileZilla on Mac OS X.

From the search results, it wasn’t exactly clear what I did wrong, as the “Show Package Contents” context menu showed “…/Contents/MacOS/fzsftp”

Then I remembered I got a bit confused with all the FileZilla updates coming out and renaming it to contain a version number (I do that with many applications so I can keep old versions allowing me to quickly revert to an older version if there are version compatibilities).

Renaming back to solved the issue: apparently FileZilla has a hardcoded dependency on exactly that name. I got there because of the hint about spaces in directories from this thread: fzsftp could not be started – FileZilla Forums

This was before Mac OS X El Capitan; with that version you have to set permissions correctly as well: fzsftp could not be started – Kruyswijk-ICT BV



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OS X – the versions and their names – as I always forget them

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/04/03

I always forget which OS X versions there are and which names they use.

So via: OS X – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, I made this list where the first item points to the table in the above article and each subsequent item to the individual article on the version. I tried to find EOL dates, but that’s hard despite the overview at Apple security updates – Apple Support:

None of this would be noteworthy if Apple, like Microsoft and a host of other major software vendors, clearly spelled out its support policies. But Apple doesn’t, leaving users to guess about when their operating systems will fall off support. | Computerworld


PS: EOL dates are as of 20160403.

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Mac OS X: restarting Google Drive when it shows a spinning wheel

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/29

Every now and then, Google Drive on Mac OS X gets confused and starts showing the spinning wheel when hovering over the menu bar icon similar to for instance DropBox does every once in a while.

This is how to terminate and restart Google Drive from the terminal (no need for su):

killall -v -SIGKILL Google\ Drive
open -a Google\ Drive

Alternatively you can start Google Drive using this:

/Applications/Google\\ Drive &

I found this executable through osx – Find all executable files within a folder in terminal – Ask Different

Note that this won’t kill Google Drive as it sends the TERM signal (SIGTERM):

killall -v Google\ Drive


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Microsoft Remote Desktop 8 on OS X stores RDP configuration in and passwords in keychain

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/03/15

One day I write some scripts based on:

Some starting materials are at:

A thing I learned is that the Microsoft Remote Desktop 8 is basically a rebranded iTap RDP (it looks like Microsoft bought iTap RDP for Mac, as iTap RDP for Mac is now discontinued)


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iMovie on a 2010 iMac was starting and running slow: 2 simple steps solved that

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/02/27

iMovie on a 2010 iMac was starting and running slow. During startup, it wasn’t using much memory, but during editing it did: less than 2 gigabyte out of 8 gigabyte free memory left.

The hard-disk was like 30% full, there wasn’t much in the cache, few processes were auto-starting and the recycle bin was almost empty.

So my first thought was adding more RAM (which is easy): duplicating it to 16 megabyte was easy and not expensive when you look at the Amazon prices for it.

After that it was faster, but not really fast: especially the loading was still slow (less slow than before, but still taking minutes).

Then I scanned for permission issues and there were quite a few as the machine had been getting updates since 2010. So I repaired the permissions using disk utility.

Now iMovie loaded much faster as well: in under a minute.

So out of 17 Ways to Speed Up Mac OS X Lion –, only 2 steps were really needed so far.


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