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Delphi / .NET interop – Atozed announced Crosstalk

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/05/06

On 20090504, Atozed announced Crosstalk: a technology that allows native Delphi code to consume .NET assemblies in a really intuitive and transparent way.atozed-logobig-white-bg

The announcement contains a FAQ.

It is a promising technology, not only because it is dead easy to use, but also because it is backed by Atozed: a team of people that have made complex technology like Web Apps easy to use by creating IntraWeb.

Expect demos soon (maybe even at Delphi Live!).
Here is a short example:

program TestLeft;

  CT_System_Text in 'CT_System_Text.pas';

  MyStringBuilder: StringBuilder;

  MyStringBuilder := StringBuilder.Create('Hello CrossTalk!!!');
  WriteLn('Length: ', MyStringBuilder.Length);

  WriteLn('Length: ', MyStringBuilder.Length);

  Write('Finished -- Press <Enter>');


Length: 18
Length: 22
Hello CrossTalk!!!More
Finished -- Press <Enter>



3 Responses to “Delphi / .NET interop – Atozed announced Crosstalk”

  1. Jason said

  2. Jason said

    How do you handle the conflicting FPU settings between Delphi($1372) and .Net runtime(0x027F)? The .net 4 runtime will throw a stack overflow triggered by a delphi application after the runtime is loaded into the delphi process. (i.e. start delphi app, load .net dll, then in delphi app divide by zero a couple times in a row).

    Prior to .net 4, the suggested fix was to toggle the FPU to $133F before the .net call then restore it afterward, this does not appear to work in .net 4. I’m using CreateOleObject to create the .net instance.

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