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Archive for May, 2018

Delphi needs a few more wizards – verify dpr against dproj and check both against files on disk

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/05/31

There are a few experts Delphi needs for project management:

  • verify the .dproj against the .dpr as these get out of sync often, especially in multi-person or multi-branch projects
  • verify .dproj and .dpr against files on disk (often there are files on disk not in the Project Manager; Visual Studio has this nice [WayBack“Show All Files” button that helps fixing this there)

via [WayBackIs there a way to export the file structure of a Project from the Project Manager view to a txt file? – John Kouraklis – Google+

Atilla Kovaks posted a small bash script to get started: [WayBack


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The .NET garbage collector sort-of documented: coreclr/ at master · dotnet/coreclr

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/05/31

Very interesting read: “Garbage Collection Design” by Maoni Stephens at [WayBackcoreclr/ at master · dotnet/coreclr.

It’s part of this series of documents:

The Book of the Runtime

Welcome to the Book of the Runtime (BOTR) for the .NET Runtime. This contains a collection of articles about the non-trivial internals of the .NET Runtime. Its intended audience are people actually modifying the code or simply wishing to have a deep understanding of the runtime. Below is a table of contents.

at [WayBackcoreclr/Documentation/botr at master · dotnet/coreclr

I got there via these links:


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CVE-2017-11509: Firebird fbudf Module Authenticated Remote Code Execution – Firebird News

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/05/31

Ouch (despite one needs authenticated access): [WayBack] Firebird fbudf Module Authenticated Remote Code Execution – Firebird News

Here is the description for CVE-2017-11509

An authenticated remote attacker can execute arbitrary code in Firebird SQL
Server versions 2.5.7 and 3.0.2 by executing a malformed SQL statement. The
only known solution is to disable external UDF libraries from being loaded. In
order to achieve this, the default configuration has changed to UdfAccess=None.

This will prevent the fbudf module from being loaded, but may also break other
functionality relying on modules.

Here is the Debian security page with the issue : CVE-2017-11509

The thing I am really not happy about is that the 90 day limit has been overdrawn by about 180 days (see




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Coding is not “fun,” it’s technically and ethically complex — Quartz

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/05/31

Interesting read: [ is not “fun,” it’s technically and ethically complex — Quartz

via: [WayBack] Coding is not for everyone – Kevin Powick – Google+


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Some useful Visual Studio Keyboard bindings – via my comment at “Allow for floating windows · Issue #10121 · Microsoft/vscode · GitHub”

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/05/30

The thread at [WayBack]: Allow for floating windows · Issue #10121 · Microsoft/vscode · GitHub made me discover a few things, which I have commented there.

Reminder to self: find the Windows keyboard shortcuts as well.

Thanks @steinhh for the CmdK O keyboard combination. I was not aware of that yet and I am going to use this next week on a multi-monitor system to see how well that works.

Your tip made me found the PDFs below and made me make the lists/screenshots below as well.

Terrific! Thank you, thank you!

The bindings (on Mac) I found with their screenshots:

  • CmdShiftP: show all commands
    screenshot 2018-05-20 15 27 30
  • CmdK O: open current file in new Window
  • CmdShiftN: open a new window
    screenshot 2018-05-20 15 27 00
  • CmdK CmdR: open keyboard shortcuts reference PDF for current OS in the default web-browser
  • CmdK CmdS: open keyboard shortcuts editor
    screenshot 2018-05-20 15 24 07

The keyboard shortcuts editor has a search which can find bindings on the keybinding name itself or the command name:

  • screenshot 2018-05-20 15 31 58
  • screenshot 2018-05-20 15 33 19


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