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No more Android phone for me…

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/09/05

After all my address-contacts trouble I was hoping my phone would behave for at least a while.

Not so, like in the past it often:

  • pops up a black screen while using the phone book requiring a power button reboot
  • looses Bluetooth in the middle of a call, requiring a hard reboot (remote battery, insert battery, start over)
  • looses GSM/UMTS connection in the middle of a call, basically terminating the call
  • looses internet data connection, requiring a hard reboot
  • looses GPS connection, not sure about a work around
  • turns off the vibrate, but doesn’t turn on the ring tone (so I miss lots of phone calls)
  • turns of Bluetooth and/or WiFi after a reboot
  • finds out even the basic apps like mail, phone or calendar hang and need to be “reported”, but I never get follow-ups on that
  • refuses to sync important data because “it will retry later”
  • cannot find contacts in the database, but after manually re-adding them, you suddenly have two
  • the mail app keeping restarting while fetching mails

What kept me using it was the usefulness of many apps.

But now I won’t any more: the last 4 days, the gMail app managed to use almost 1 gigabyte of data (my monthly plan) for no reason at all.

That was the limit.

Bye bye Android.

Now I just need to decide:

  • iPhone 5
  • Windows Phone 8

Given the update track-record of Apple, this is a no brainer.


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