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Archive for October, 2010

VMware workstation guestappscache directory with GUID based filenames: they are for Unity support

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/10/29

After upgrading VMware workstation, I noticed when making backups of my VMs that they contained lots of files in the guestappscache subdirectory that have names containing GUIDs.

I’m always wary for sudden seemingly random files being created.
It might be just some kind of virus slipping through the gates targeting a specific vulnerability.

The files appear to be for Unity, and it is easy to disable Unity. (I don’t use Unity: I use VMs to separate work and keep the clutter away from my host machine’s desktop <g>).


via: VMware workstation guestappscache directory – Google Search.

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SQL Server: some date calculation logic

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/10/28

I always forget the syntax, because different DBMS systems use different ways of doing this.

This is the SQL Server way of doing some date calculations: Read the rest of this entry »

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Delphi Basics – worth a look!

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/10/27

Quite a while ago, Neil Moffat started the Delphi Basics site.

It is aimed at beginners, but since it has such a wealth of information (for instance a comprehensive list of compiler directives).
So even if you are a Delphi pro, it is worth to give Delphi Basics a look.

The cool thing: Neil originally is not even a programmer, nor a writer.
Maybe that is his strength: he learned by doing, step by step, now giving us a peak on what he learned.


via Delphi Basics.

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Signs of Delphi x64: Allen Bauer (kylix_rd) on Twitter

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/10/26

Probably a few others will blog about these tweets too.
I have bolded the most important pieces:

kylix_rd Allen Bauer

If you must… Value := Integer(TList[x]) -> Value := NativeInt(TList[x]). Even better, TList<Integer>.

6 hours ago

kylix_rd Allen Bauer

Another Milestone: fixed my first legitimate 64bit RTL bug. if TryOpenForInput(t) then s/b if not TryOpenForInput(t) then

10 hours ago

kylix_rd Allen Bauer

Milestone: 64bit compiler now merged into the main dev branch! All devs are now locked and loaded!

13 hours ago


via Allen Bauer (kylix_rd) on Twitter.

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On-the-road: XML Viewer

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/10/26

When on the road without access to your most favourite XML editing tools, and you want to view a local XML file, you are a bit stuck.

The built-in XML viewing capabilities of Internet Explorer 6 and up give you those nice “To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this…” messages.
Disabling those messages makes your system a lot less secure, so that is not a real option.
This besides the lack for viewing UTF-16 encoded XML files in Internet Explorer (and getting the dreaded “Switch from current encoding to specified encoding not supported. Line 1, Position 40“).

So, in my toolbox is XML Viewer from MindFusion. Read the rest of this entry »

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