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Twitter / Danny Thorpe: New programmers are drawn …

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/10/21

Brilliant and so true:

New programmers are drawn to multithreading like moths to flame, with similar results.

Edit: And this is just one example on how tiny little details can impact threading so much.


via Twitter / Danny Thorpe: New programmers are drawn ….

10 Responses to “Twitter / Danny Thorpe: New programmers are drawn …”

  1. Ancien_Hacker said

    Threading is *so* hard, Delphi still doesn’t have it for dbexpress.

    They claim it’s doable, but if you try doing SQL queries from multiple threads, it’s Blowup City, Arizona, sooner or later, usually sooner.

  2. Dave said

    … sorry I don’t twit but …
    ::raises hand::
    << guilty, but this isn't going to stop me :)

    • jpluimers said

      /me is guilty too:

      Even after almost 25 years of Software Development, I find multi-threading hard.


      • SebastianJ said

        After 10 years I do not find it hard as long as they are my own threads. There I know how to work with them and everything is fine.

        But if I am faced with a framework like Indy it is hard ’cause I don’t know how it should be done there.

  3. many years ago Danny said in the interview that making multithreaded programming easy to a mainstream programmer is the next “name of the game”… That was a good few years ago:-)

  4. PetriW said

    Yes, goodness forbid people try new cool stuff.

    Best way to learn is to try stuff and learn what does and doesn’t work. (imho)

  5. François said

    Brilliant! A real gem…

  6. gabr said

    Excellent! I’m sooooo gonna use this!

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