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Stop 0x0000007B after converting an existing XP machine to a Virtual Machine (ESXi, Hyper-V, or other)

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/22

In 2015, I posted P2V of an existing XP machine to Hyper-V to have an emergency fallback when retiring old XP physical machines and did a short edit on 20210727 promising about a future article on trying to fix the [Waybackstop 0x0000007B blue screen.

This stop can that can happen during boot when the converted Windows XP requires different disk drivers than the physical Windows XP. Windows Vista and up are smarter to figure out the required changes, but Windows XP wasn’t.

The above screenshot is actually from the same physical Windows XP machine after doing the conversion, I wanted to try and run the virtual machine on physical hardware close to the original before moving it to the actual VMware host (yup, the Windows XP machine had been used as a VMware host before, so it had both VMware Workstation 6.5 and VMware Converter 4.01 installed).

The reason I wanted to move my last Windows XP machine to a virtual machine was that it was the only computer that could still print to my old, but nice, Olympus P-400 color dye sublimation printer. I mentioned this in 2015 when Installing the PIXMA mini260 – Canon Europe drivers under Windows 8.1 x64 – trying to say goodbye to Windows XP

I need to find a way to get my [Wayback/] Olympus Camedia P-400 Digital Color Photo Printer. That is a lot harder: the latest Windows [Wayback] P-400 Printer > Software Downloads are for Windows XP.

At the end, of the blog post are a few links on the stop 0x0000007B and the Universal Boot CD for Windows workaround.

As promised, the links that helped me with this workaround:

Some more of my blog posts around the VMware Converter software:

Screenshots of the Fix_hdc.cmd process using Hiren’s boot CD are below the signature and line.


  1. Mount the Hiren’s BootCD, then boot from that CD-ROM Drive:
  2. Do not boot from the default menu selection:
  3. Boot from the Mini Windows Xp instead:
  4. Wait for the text mode boot initialisation to finish:
  5. Wait for the graphical boot initialisation to finish:
  6. Observe the Hiren’s BootCD menu is on the lower right part in the notification area:
  7. There, choose “Registry” followed by “Fix hard disk controller (fix_hdc.cmd)”:
  8. Unlike the menu order, first choose “TargetRoot” to set in which “Windows” target root directory the registry settings of the MassStorage drivers should be adjusted.
  9. After choosing “Set TargetRoot”, fill in the “Windows” root directory, which usually is “C:\Windows” (if not, use the “My Computer” desktop icon to figure out the required “TargetRoot”:
  10. Back in the menu, now choose the “MassStorage” option:
  11. Wait for the registry modifications to be finished, then “Press any key to continue…”:
  12. Using the “My Computer” icon, check the set “TargetRoot” for the registry modifications to have taken place:
  13. Inside the “TargetRoot” (in this case “C:\Windows”), browse to “system32\config” and look for the “SYSTEM” and “SYSTEM.fix_hdc” registry files:
  14. Now from the “Start” menu, “Shut Down” the system:
  15. Confirm Shutdown:

If you don’t set a TargetRoot, then fixing the MassStorage drivers fails:

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