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Archive for the ‘Windows’ Category

Windows: investigating error code 0x80073701 and 0x800f081f while updating; some DISM and CBS log things to search for

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/03/20

A while ago when applying KB5008212* through Windows Update, I got errors. It was odd, as until now, all other upgrades had worked fine.

Often Windows update errors are because of lack of disk space (I try maintain 10 gigabytes or more free space on virtual machines, but that sometimes fails because some software – despite user files being on a different drive – sometimes insists on filling the system drive).

This time, Windows Update would show 0x80073701, of course right after reaching 100%, but actually it was a 0x800f081f  in disguise.

My usual modus operandi didn’t solve it (with a retry after every step):

  1. Reboot
  2. Cleanup of the system drive using built-in CleanMgr.exe (Disk cleanup)
  3. Scan all corrupted system files and replace them from cache: SFC /ScanNow (System File Checker)
  4. Cleanup and repair the Windows image using DISM /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth (Deployment Image Servicing and Management)

All failed, but in the last step, DISM would consistently show error 0x800f081f.

Even a local DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:C:\Windows\WinSxS /LimitAccess would fail.

Each DISM run will actually log in two log files, and this is the trick to figure out what the next step would be.

Examples from my case:

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Some links I on Windows Memory Compression I want to check out

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/01/24

I’m not sure yet why sometimes my system is lagging with the combination of these four circumstances on a Windows 10 system with 32 gigabyte of memory:

  1. Process Explorer showing low (less than 10%) CPU usage
  2. Process explorer showing Memory Compression using more than 2 gigabytes of Working Set
  3. System Commit being larger than 20 gigabyte
  4. Lots of Chrome tabs open (no easy way to total memory usage, but likely 16 gigabyte or more)

Windows Compression was introduced in Windows 10 (back in 2015) and I’m still fairly new to it.

So here are some links I want to eventually dig into to make myself more familiar with it, and see if it affects Chrome runtime behaviour:

Thanks [Wayback/Archive] magicandre1981, [Wayback/Archive] peterh, [Wayback/Archive] Raymond Burkholder, and [Wayback/Archive] Falco Alexander for the above questions and answers.

From them, I learned that on a UAC elevated administrative command prompt, you can use these PowerShell for managing Memory Compression:

  1. Get-MMAgent shows the current Memory Compression state
  2. Disable-MMAgent -mc disables Memory Compression (requires a reboot)
  3. Enable-MMAgent -mc enables Memory Compression (requires a reboot)



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Solved: trouble trying to create a new Microsoft Account looping back to the image/audio puzzle after solving it. Solution: use Firefox.

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/12/15

Message: "Please solve the puzzle so we know you're not a robot."I had trouble creating a Microsoft Account (so I could hand out on-line Office Licenses to users) where each time after solving the image or audio puzzle, it would shortly display a success, then loop back to the puzzle.

So I wrote a [Wayback/Archive] Thread by @jpluimers on Thread Reader App as I got stuck even before trying to add a Microsoft Account on any on m’y devices Windows 11 or Windows 10. It started with

[Wayback/Archive] Hi @MicrosoftHelps, I have a different problem. When creating an account using Edge on Windows 10 (latest version of both; no plugins; Microsoft Defender in default settings), solving the puzzle loops back to “Please solve the puzzle so we know you’re not a robot.”

The odd thing is that it did not work in either Edge or Chrome (both based on Chromium which uses the Blink browser engine) even in the anonymous/private browsing mode (InPrivate for Edge or Incognito Mode for Chrome).

Even Firefox had trouble, despite it being based on a totally different Gecko browser engine: after solving the puzzle it would continue but instead of displaying success, it showed an error page (the error page also occurred in the Firefox Private Browsing mode):

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Task Manager themed dark on dark in Windows 11 version 22H2 is a known issue (thanks @jenmsft)

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/12/13

A known Windows Insider bug has entered the Windows 11 release: Task Manager will show wrong colours (on my stock Dell Windows 11 installs, see below, it will be dark on dark) under certain custom Windows colour settings (“Choose your mode” set to “Custom”).

Edit 20221214: it got fixed

OS Build 22621.963 [Wayback/A] KB5021255 fixed this on Patch Tuesday (which arrived on my machines later than my original publication), see [Wayback/Archive] December 13, 2022—KB5021255 (OS Build 22621.963) – Microsoft Support

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useful commands that can be used after clean installation of Windows 10

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/12/12

Lot’s of installation tips in [Wayback/Archive] useful commands that can be used after clean installation of Windows 10.

It includes PackageProvider installation for NuGet, Chocolatey, ChocolateyGet (Chocolatey via OneGet), and use of both winget and scoop.


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