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Archive for the ‘C++’ Category

Fl Ko: Getting the pixel position of the current editor cursor position for an OTA wizard

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/09/08

Since WayBack cannot save G+ photos, here is one from [WayBack] So, now I’m in front of a problem similar to a former one: I need to get the pixel position of the current editor cursor position for my OTA wizard. I’… – Fl Ko – Google+:



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A Tale of Many Divisions – Naive Prime Factorization Across a Handful of Architectures

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/06/16

[WayBack] A Tale of Many Divisions – Naive Prime Factorization Across a Handful of Architectures

Source code: [WayBack] GitHub – blu/euclid: An extremely naive prime factorizer

Via: [WayBack] Blu looks at how a small piece of code with divisions surprisingly behave on various architecture: #Arm, #MIPS, and #x86. – Jean-Luc Aufranc – Google+


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The Invention of C++ – Nice bit of net lore

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/30

This is a nice joke: [WayBackThe Invention of C++ – Nice bit of net lore.

But the actual interview linked from the article is quite nice: [WayBack: The Real Stroustrup Interview]

By the name, I found the actual (hopefully still online when this gets out of the blog post queue) version at [WayBack] Stroustrup: Interviews under [


Via: [WayBack] The invention of C++ – Thomas Mueller (dummzeuch) – Google+

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OMF, COFF and the 32-bit/64-bit Delphi or C++ compilers

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/01/29

Via [WayBack] As far as I can tell (and documentation on that is reaaaaaaly hard to find), dcc64 can link in .obj files in OMF and COFF format. Bcc64 uses LLVM chain and therefore produces ELF .o files… – Primož Gabrijelčič – Google+:

David Heffernan:
dcc32 does coff and omf, dcc64 only coff

and later he commented:

One of the difficulties with linking objects is the handling of exceptions. The 64 bit exception model is table based, in contrast to the stack based 32 bit model.

I don’t think that the exception tables are written correctly for code linked in objects. If exceptions are raised then this can lead to abnormal process termination. Process just disappears. Poof!

One common way that this happens is floating point exceptions that are by default unmasked by the Delphi RTL. I have found it necessary to mask them when calling into any linked object code to avoid exceptions being raised.

And compiling with cl can be a bit of a game. It’s stack checking options need to be disabled. And there are a few other key switches that help. And then there’s the forward declaration trick to help the one pass compiler cope with C objects that are expected to be linked in a separate step.

Anyway, it can be quite a challenge at times, but I’ve yet to find a plain self contained C library that has defeated me!


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Flexible and Economical UTF-8 Decoder

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/12/25

For my link archive: [] Flexible and Economical UTF-8 Decoder.

Be sure to read the whole article there as the explanation of the initial algorithm is important and final algorithm is towards the end.

The foundation is a state machine combined with a lookup table to find the initial state and proceed to subsequent states.

Related (and reminder to check what David did):


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