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Archive for the ‘Web Development’ Category

Using styles on just html tr to format the borders of table rows

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/09/22

A long time ago, I found out that by default, you could only format td elements in HTML tables: somehow doing that with just tr failed, and I never understood why.

Since I wasn’t doing a lot of html stuff back then, I just lived with the few occurrences and moved on.

A while ago, I needed html tables again, and – since hosted blogs do not allow CSS style sheets – I had to use inline style attributes. That would bloat many td elements, so I did a [Wayback/] html table border below row – Google Search, where the first few hits – all on StackOverflow – tremendously helped my to understand why this was the case and how to fix it:

  • In [Wayback/] css – Giving a border to an HTML table row, – Stack Overflow, [Wayback/] User Jukka K. Korpela – Stack Overflow explains about the various border models, but only shows a a solution having the CSS style sheet in a style element which disallows:
    You can set border properties on a tr element, but according to the CSS 2.1 specification, such properties have no effect in the separated borders model, which tends to be the default in browsers. Ref.: 17.6.1 The separated borders model. (The initial value of border-collapse is separate according to CSS 2.1, and some browsers also set it as default value for table. The net effect anyway is that you get separated border on almost all browsers unless you explicitly specifi collapse.)
    Thus, you need to use collapsing borders. Example:
    table { border-collapse: collapse; }
    tr:nth-child(3) { border: solid thin; }

    From that, I learned about these:

    • [Wayback/] Tables: borders
      There are two distinct models for setting borders on table cells in CSS. One is most suitable for so-called separated borders around individual cells, the other is suitable for borders that are continuous from one end of the table to the other. Many border styles can be achieved with either model, so it is often a matter of taste which one is used.
      Value: collapse | separateinherit
      Initial: separate
      Applies to: table‘ and ‘inline-table’ elements
      Inherited: yes
      Percentages: N/A
      Media: visual
      Computed value: as specified
      This property selects a table’s border model. The value ‘separate‘ selects the separated borders border model. The value ‘collapse‘ selects the collapsing borders model. The models are described below.
    • [Wayback/] Tables: separated borders (default)
    • [Wayback/] Tables: collapsing borders
  • In [Wayback/] Create table with only bottom border in HTML – Stack Overflow, [Wayback/] Martin2904 explains how to solve it with CSS style sheets and inline style attributes, but does not link to the “why”:
    Just use the following code-snippet and paste it in you style.css
    table {
      border-collapse: collapse;
      border-bottom: 1px solid black;
    Without using style.css
    <table style="border-collapse: collapse;">
        <tr style="border-bottom: 1px solid black;">


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Select matching element/rename HTML tag in Visual Studio Code – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/09/21

I totally missed that in 2019, the F2 key was enabled to rename HTML tags, but it does: [Wayback/] Select matching element/rename HTML tag in Visual Studio Code – Stack Overflow:

HTML rename tags
You can now use F2 to rename the opening/closing tag pairs in HTML.
F2 when the cursor is over one of the tags and you will get a little input box with the cursor to input the new tag name and the start/end tags will be replaced with whatever you type upon .
demo of HTML rename tags

[Wayback/] Another answer indicates that even more recently, Linked Editing can do the same without even pressing F2. Too bad it is not enabled by default:

No need for extension, this is now cooked into VSCode.
"editor.linkedEditing": true


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Visual Studio Code: blazingly fast text expansion with Emmet

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/09/15

I come from a background of Delphi, Visual Studio and Notepad++ editors that historically have expanded their functionality over decades of releases.

When switching much of my development to Visual Studio Code, which out of the box aims at basic support (which has grown remarkably over the years so it’s way beyond basic now), I decided to review my editing behaviours see if plugins (in vscode speak “extensions marketplace“) would assist me with that.

One of my behaviours I wanted to get rid of is heavily use of keyboard macros, so when doing more web-stuff, I bumped into Emmet (that in the past was called Zen Code).

I bumped into Emmet because I wanted to refactor quite a few bits of html, and embed many sections of text in tags. Normally I would have written a macro for that, but now I did a quick [Wayback/] vscode html embed text in element – Google Search and bumped into [Wayback/] html – How to do tag wrapping in VS code? – Stack Overflow (thanks [Wayback/] Alex!)

Since Visual Studio Code has built-in support for Emmet, here are some links so I can quickly find them back:

Hopefully I will now also less rely on user-defined snippets, though they are still available: [Wayback/] Snippets in Visual Studio Code

Using Emmet eventually might help me in my blog-writing too, which still is heavily, known for its limited editor, based.

Apparently, my Google Search fu still is good enough to find these kinds of gems (:


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Converting an html dl (delimited list) on a page to a table from the Chrome console

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/09/14

A while ago, I wanted to convert the dl delimited list html element on a web page into a regular table so I could more easily reorder the data into cells.

So I ran the below bit of code in the Chrome Console after first putting the mentioned table with id here_table in the place where I wanted the table to be included:

<table id="here_table"></table>

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var arr = $("#delimitedList").children().map(function () {
return $(this).html();
for (var i = 0; i < arr.length; i += 2) {
$('#here_table').append('<tr><td>' + arr[i] + '</td><td>' + arr[i + 1] + '</td></tr>');

For this script to work, you need jQuery, so yesterday I wrote Better, Stronger, Safer jQuerify Bookmarklet | Learning jQuery.

The code is based on [Wayback/] Rebuild each definition list () as a table using JQuery – Stack Overflow (thanks [Wayback/] easy!) with an important adoption instead of calling text() to get the textual dt and dd information, it uses html() so the original innerHTML is being preserved.

Some similar JavaScript pieces of code are at [Wayback/] Turning HTML into a nested JavaScript array with jQuery – Stack Overflow.



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Better, Stronger, Safer jQuerify Bookmarklet | Learning jQuery

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/09/06

For my link archive, the [Wayback] Better, Stronger, Safer jQuerify Bookmarklet | Learning jQuery

Via: [Wayback/] Include jQuery in the JavaScript Console – Stack Overflow (thanks [Wayback/] brichins!)

When you do not have jQuery installed, then the Chrome console will give you the error [Wayback/] javascript – TypeError: $(...).children is not a function – Stack Overflow which has code to load jQuery in this gist: [Wayback/] use jQuery in Chrome javascript console.

If this bookmarklet ever starts to fail, then I need to check out these links:

The content of the JQueryfi bookmarklet is in the below gist:


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hosted with ❤ by GitHub

javascript:(function(){var el=document.createElement("div"),b=document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0],otherlib=!1,msg="";"fixed","32px","220px","-110px","0","50%","5px 10px",,"12px","#222","#f99";function showMsg(){var txt=document.createTextNode(msg);el.appendChild(txt),b.appendChild(el),window.setTimeout(function(){txt=null,typeof jQuery=="undefined"?b.removeChild(el):(jQuery(el).fadeOut("slow",function(){jQuery(this).remove()}),otherlib&&(window.$jq=jQuery.noConflict()))},2500)}if(typeof jQuery!="undefined")return msg="This page already using jQuery v"+jQuery.fn.jquery,showMsg();typeof $=="function"&&(otherlib=!0);function getScript(url,success){var script=document.createElement("script");script.src=url;var head=document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0],done=!1;script.onload=script.onreadystatechange=function(){!done&&(!this.readyState||this.readyState=="loaded"||this.readyState=="complete")&&(done=!0,success(),script.onload=script.onreadystatechange=null,head.removeChild(script))},head.appendChild(script)}getScript(";,function(){return typeof jQuery=="undefined"?msg="Sorry, but jQuery was not able to load":(msg="This page is now jQuerified with v"+jQuery.fn.jquery,otherlib&&(msg+=" and noConflict(). Use $jq(), not $().")),showMsg()})})();

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hosted with ❤ by GitHub


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