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Archive for the ‘SocialMedia’ Category

New steps for Slack on Twitter: “@thorduri 😣 You can always disable emoji conversion in Preferences > Emoji > Convert my typed emoticons to emoji. 👍”

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/09/18

After: @thorduri You can always disable emoji conversion in Preferences > Emoji > Convert my typed emoticons to emoji. [WayBack]

We live in the form-over-function era [WayBack], so of course this setting is not reachable by URL, only reachable by using these steps:

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Twitter image size suffixes – via: Making silly #latex jokes is much more fun than doing final tweaks in my thesis on #coeffects…

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/08/18

Twitter stores images on in various sizes.

You specify the size by adding a colon plus suffix to the URL. No colon plus suffix means a default size.

Suffixes you can use see to come from the media entity in Entities in Objects | Twitter Developers:

  • thumb
  • small
  • medium
  • large

There is one undocumented size: orig

The default size seems to be medium.

Examples (full images below):

media entity observed size URL
thumb 150×150
small 340×325
medium 600×573
(none) 600×573
large 1024×979
orig 1600×1529

Thanks to Thomas Petricek [WayBack] who poked fun last year on Twitter [WayBack] at both LaTeX and O RLY (the image meme [WayBack], not the text meme)


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Remember when G+ search was useful? It again is.

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/08/04

The big G+ news this week was that they brought back search, years after they made the G+ search useless, so jokes like at [WayBackIkey Doherty – Google+ “Remember when G+ search was useful?” finally can be left behind us.

Now that they finally made it useful again, I’m happy with it.

A few example searches to get the hang of the URL syntax:

News sources:

  • [WayBackKristian Köhntopp – Google+: I would not have thought it possible, but after just several years of user feedback Google actually unfucked the search. It’s almost as awesome as their adblocker – absolutely essential, but too little, too late.
  • [WayBackJaana Nyström – Google+: WOOHOOOOOO! The Classic Google+ style search is back! Now one can again search their own posts, even hashtag search works better. Top post vs. latest function, too. ❤️
  • [WayBackRoderick Gadellaa – Google+: #thatsaplus
  • [WayBack] Anna Kiyantseva – Google+: …we’re rolling out a bevy of improvements to G+ Search — most visibly, you’ll find that typing into the search bar no longer interrupts your search attempts by taking you to Explore. That means that your results get to you that much faster!That’s not all…
    • A new, tabbed interface will make it easier for you to find the exact type of content that you’re looking for.
    • In the posts tab, you can filter based on the post author. Finally, you can look back at your many years of G+ posting without being distracted by everyone else’s Neko Atsume updates!
    • Popular Topics are now displayed in the search bar dropdown.As always, let us know what you think and we hope you enjoy!


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Why each Google+ comment should get its own Web address – CNET

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/07/10

Sure, I’d like to be able to spotlight a Google+ comment by sharing a specific Web address. But Google’s social search effort would be the real beneficiary of comment permalinks.

After 5+ years, this is still on my wish list too…


via: Why each Google+ comment should get its own Web address – CNET

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Arjen Lubach in NTR | College Tour 

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/05/22



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