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Archive for the ‘SocialMedia’ Category

Downloading Facebook videos as mp4 files in both mobile and HD quality for offline viewing

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/02/22

Videos from the above links below the sig.


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Anyone tried #Telegram to communicate securely?

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/01/22

Below are a few comments from [WayBack] Anyone tried #Telegram to communicate securely? Some nice features there… Looks way more secure than WeChat and all that. Thoughts? https://telegram…. – Jason Mayes – Google+.

The consensus seems to be

  • Signal is the way to go for secure chat. It is open source too.
  • When chatting with groups of people, there is technical security, but not social security.
  • Telegram is easier to use than some other chat platforms, and has a large user base.

The comments:

  • Ryan Ostendorf's profile photo
    Telegram is pretty nice, but its security leaves much to be desired. If it’s security and true privacy you want, Signal is the way to go.
  • M.A. Zaki's profile photo
    Hi+Ryan Ostendorf signal is indeed a way to go but didn’t have big users number compared to Telegram.
  • Wayne Harris's profile photo

    I use telegram, discord, slack & hangouts for variousn groups i talk with. Of those, telegeam is my preferred for ease of use etc. One thing i would like to see is a “index” of groups to maybe easier prioritise what i want to read (a-la how discord wokrs with its different servers) but im so used to the flat style of telegram/hangouts that i dont have a huge issue with its current design

    Re security, im not an expert, but it seems ok, with multuple options available. Havent heard of anything being intercepted/hacked, but who really know what our alien overlords – err governments – and other interested parties are up to behind the scenes.

  • oon arfiandwi (OonID)'s profile photo
    I use telegram more than whatsapp. I found many technical group discussion (at least for Indonesian) because telegram supports a huge amount of members per group.
    also, the telegram bot and channel give a unique feature for a developer to build an application on top of it.
  • Jason Mayes's profile photo
    +Ryan Ostendorf oooh thanks I shall check it out
  • Jason Mayes's profile photo
    Thanks everyone for feedback!
  • Leo Turing's profile photo
    I am using Telegram for 5 years now. Far faster and better than WhatsApp in many ways.
  • Christopher Gaul's profile photo

    It’s security level depends on who you ask. If you take their word at face value it’s great. If you believe the rumors it’s totally bent by U.S. surveillance agencies.

    Feature wise it’s decent otherwise.

    A few of us are on the hunt for a good, secure, multi platform messaging platform to replace Hangouts when they kill that. We’ve narrowed it down to a few that we’re testing.

    Signal was good until they killed their linux and browser clients.

    Retroshare is on the to test list along with…



  • epsi nurwijayadi's profile photo

    I have been a telegram user since october 2017.

    And I wonder, how do telegram make profit.

    Who is paying for the server to be alive ?

  • Christopher Gaul's profile photo
    Side note. You can just assume that any product based out of the U.S. or any Five Eyes country is not secure. I wouldn’t trust anything EU based either. What’s that leave you?
  • Christopher Gaul's profile photo
    +epsi nurwijayadi
    The NSA no doubt is footing the bills.
  • x Meta x's profile photo
    For dependable privacy, I use two cans and a string.
  • Jason Mayes's profile photo
    +x Meta x I can use a laser pointed at your string to measure the sound being transferred over it though
  • x Meta x's profile photo

    +Jason Mayes …..

    …. Curses! Foiled again!

  • Wayne Harris's profile photo
    I use the postal service. Nobody sends anything via that these days other than birthday cards from Nanna’s, so my most private missives go conpletely un-noticed by the authorities
  • epsi nurwijayadi's profile photo
  • Jason ON's profile photo
    I downloaded Telegram yesterday, in fact. Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet as I don’t know anyone using it. I had thought it would be more like BBM, with public groups in a social media-lite feature, but it’s not.
  • M.A. Zaki's profile photo
    +Jason ON telegram got more than that. The setting let you do much more.
  • epsi nurwijayadi's profile photo
    I remember getting very happy, when I got telegram from my father when I was a kid in about 80s. He had duty in other island faraway from home.
  • Willem Oosting's profile photo

    +Jason Mayes Check out they strike a sweet balance between Wire-like security (encrypted group chats), and Telegram-like usability/looks. And I thought it’s FOSS!


  • Robert Wallis's profile photo

    Telegram has a very tempting feature set for a “messaging” service.

    I have recently started using it. Top reasons I like it so far are the ability to add a username, which means I can be available without giving people my phone number.

    My URL 👉

    Also the ability to have branded public broadcast channels is different. I’ve set one up for London Meet-ups for +Happening London the URL for that is here 👉

    Any public post cam be embedded, so I’m surfacing the next meet-up on the +Happening London web site too 👉

    Those feature (and others) make Telegram interesting.

  • Christopher Gaul's profile photo

    +Robert Wallis I agree. With the caveat that this is as long as you aren’t expecting 100% guaranteed secure communications.

    Of course the question of whether such a thing even exists is valid. But in Telegram’s case, at least expect your local Five Eyes government surveillance state to be “reading” them.

  • Jonas Hellström (shellström)'s profile photo
    I’m giving Matrix/Synapse and a whirl.
    Mostly because I can selfhost it, and it’s got some good things going for it, like encrypted convos.
    They still got a mile or two on their clients and that’s where I’m holding off on inviting everyone and their dogs until there’s something that can be used by more people without becoming a troubleshooting nightmare/”this isn’t as easy as whatsapp. Can’t we use messenger instead?” kind of deal.

    Riot – Riot – open team collaboration

    Riot – Riot – open team collaboration
  • Robert Wallis's profile photo

    +Christopher Gaul yeah, but where aren’t they?

    As far as I understand Telegram has been validated for “secret chats” between two users, where security models are more easily implemented, but for groups of up to 200,00 that’s never going to be “secret” just hidden, and public broadcast channels are … well public.


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The messenger – Delta Chat – Email Based Instant Messenger; based on IMAP push

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/01/18

[WayBack] The messenger – Delta Chat: Delta Chat – Email Based Instant Messenger

From the FAQ at [WayBack] Help – Delta Chat:

What are the advantages of Delta Chat compared to other messengers?

  • Independent of any company or services. You own your data.
  • Your data are not saved on a central server; this way, in contrast to most other messengers, Delta Chat even protects your metadata (who writes to whom?)
  • You do not distribute your address book to anyone.
  • Fast by the use of Push-IMAP
  • Largest userbase – receivers not using Delta Chat can be reached as well
  • Compatible – not only to itself
  • Elegant and simple user interface
  • Distributed system
  • No Spam – only messages of known users are shown by default
  • Reliable – safe for professional use
  • Trustworthy – can even be used for business messages
  • fully Open Source and Standards based

What if the receiver does not use Delta Chat?

  • The receiver will get a normal email then – if he replies to it, you will see the reply in the Delta Chat app.

Releases: [WayBack] DeltaChat multi-platform releases rolling … – Delta Chat

Repositories via [WayBack] Contribute – Delta Chat:



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Getting confused with the many YouTube subdomains and first level paths

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/28

Just a short list, as there are many more (see zzz and zzz), and the vast amount in the longer lists confuses me:

So the ones I use are below; are there any interesting ones missing?

These I hardly use in the below list, anyone using them often?

Most ad blockers block, so I never see it.


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Mike Cardwell’s Tech Blog: Twitter to RSS with Google Cloud Function – Grepular

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/03

Cool, on my list of things to tinker with: [WayBack] Twitter to RSS with Google Cloud Function – Grepular at Mike Cardwell’s Tech Blog

Source at [WayBack] Mike Cardwell / funcTwitter · GitLab, of which these are the most important bits:

Via [WayBack] Mike Cardwell on Twitter: “Twitter to RSS with Google Cloud Function”


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