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Archive for the ‘SocialMedia’ Category

The 2017 web is bloated and slow, and I am guilty, too. – The Isoblog.

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/02/10

[WayBackThe 2017 web is bloated and slow, and I am guilty, too. – The Isoblog.

My site on 2G: load time 60 seconds: [Archive.isWebPagetest Test Result – Dulles : – 02/09/17 21:45:23




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RSS feed for Dave’s Development Blog – mostly OTA articles on the Open Tools API for Delphi and C++ Builder

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/01/16


Since there is no RSS link  on the page [WayBackDave’s Development Blog – Software Development using Borland / Codegear / Embarcadero RAD Studio

Since I wanted to follow his “blog” (which is sort of a collection of WordPress pages, mainly about the programming OTA: the Open Tools API interface to Delphi and C++ Builder), I was looking for the RSS feed.

Luckily, Feedly knows how to detect most blogging platforms, so it came up with which indicates the final bit is the RSS feed URL.

Some interesting links from there:

via: [WayBackOTA Interface Search 1.1 and GitHub…


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xyzzy, Relay Conferencing before IRC even existed

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/11/28

A while ago, I remembered xyzzy by David Bolen: a VAX/VMS program for the BITNET Relay conference system on BITNET/EARN. Yes, relay chat before IRC. Even ELIZA did operate as a chatbot on BITNET Relay.

I was part of it from the late 80s until the early 90s and vividly remember the chat rooms where at one time you could have smart people from all around the world participating: Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America and other regions.

All people had one thing in common: an enthusiastic vibe as they had immediately recognised what the benefits of near instant feedback were. World Wide before you had the WWW. It was addictive too (:

The most important Dutch relay node was HEARN which was named unlike the HNYKUN patterns at the University in Nijmegen (now Radboud Universiteit, but previously known as Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen hence the KUN in the HNYKUN pattern).

I had an account at HLERUL52 (chemistry department) at first, then later at HLERUL5 as well (computer technology department). Only later I got an SMTP email address

Anyway: based on the list of Bitnet/Earn links and connections below, you’d think you could plot a route. The example is between me and a cyber friends who – in 1992 – I finally met in real life:

  1. Jeroen Pluimers <PCHPAPL@HLERUL52> /  <PLUIMERS@HLERUL5>
  2. Peter Sawatzki <FE617@DHAFEU11> / <IN307@DHAFEU11>

But that table is not the only one, the actual routing tables were generated from LINKSWT files (see below), which means that HEARN and DEARN had a direct connection collapsing the (expensive) transatlantic steps 3..6 into one.

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If you have enough Chrome Google related tabs open, Google will DoS G+ for you

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/11/03

I very often see the captcha. Today Google managed to DoS G+.

It happened right after RDP-ing into my work machine that has like ~100 research related tabs open of which about half are Google hosted pages.

G+ wouldn’t work as those tabs send so many G+ requests that Google effectively did a DoS on G+ for my IP-address and user (switching to another user was fine).

Google doing a DoS on G+ because all the open tabs generate G+ traffic

Google doing a DoS on G+ because all the open tabs generate G+ traffic

Later this got simplfied into this:


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Topic: [Resolved] Sharing on Google Plus Private..? Why? « Forums

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/11/01

The below is even more convoluted when you have ad-blockers installed: then the G+ integration won’t even appear and the behaviour differs between classic G+ and current G+.

So here are the steps:

  1. Remove the WordPress link from
  2. In your blog settings (for me that’s remove the G+ integration; do this in a Chrome incognito Window if the G+ integration is not visible
  3. At the same page re-add your G+ integration and follow further steps at

Modern G+ settings at does not have the above permissions integration link but classic G+ at does.


Hi there,

I have good news!

A few weeks ago, Google+ made some changes to their API. In doing so introduced some issues with Publicize. The module still worked, but the updates posted by the WordPress app on your Google+ Profile or Google+ Page were only visible to you.

In the past few weeks, we’ve worked with Google+ to start using a new API. That API works just like the old one, with one exception: publicized posts are now public. You can’t change the visibility of publicized posts to “My Circles”, or anything else.

If you’re happy to have Publicize publishing public posts to your Google+ Profile or Page, you can follow the instructions below to delete your old connection, and then reconnect your Jetpack site to your Google+ account:

I hope this helps.

Source: Topic: [Resolved] Sharing on Google Plus Private..? Why? « Forums

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