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Archive for the ‘SocialMedia’ Category

Life after Google+: an export tool that use the G+ API and runs on Google Firebase

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/14

Another follow up on Life after Google+ – Lars Fosdal:

[WayBack] GitHub – RomainVialard/Google-Plus-Community-Migrator

This repository presents a way to export posts from a Google+ community (in this case the Google Apps Script community), along with comments & likes (plusones) using the Google+ REST API and import them in a Firebase Database, then use Firebase Hosting to display those posts. To see a live result, simply open this URL:

It depends on the G+ REST API (so it will die earlier than G+ itself) and hosts on Google.



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Life after Google+ – Lars Fosdal: Friends+Me Google+ Export tool.

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/11

A little while ago, I blogged about Life after Google+ – Lars Fosdal. In the mean time, Lars has made a lot of progress exporting the community [WayBack] Delphi Developers – Google+ (which has moved to !).

He is a heavy user of the Friends+Me Google+ Export tool, which basically is an actively maintained web scraper with standard output targets:

[WayBack] Google Plus Exporter – Medium: Export your Google+ feeds to WordPress, Blogger, and JSON.

It does not depend on the G+ REST API: “the app is using web scraping and will keep working until the bitter end”.

Quite a bit of that information and the feedback he has is in this thread: [WayBack1/WayBack2] Hi Everyone, We’ve just released Google+ Exporter, an application that helps you to export your Google+ feeds (profile, pages, collections, communities… – Friends+Me – Google+

Of course G+ does not save the whole thread in the WayBack machine, so here it is copy-pasted (unformatted; maybe I will format it later):

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Carmen Verheul on Twitter: “ik lees miv tweede kerstdag van 7 tot 12 uur, matijn van 13 tot 19 uur, michel van 20 tot 24 uur… “

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/12/26

“@jpluimers @matijn ik lees miv tweede kerstdag van 7 tot 12 uur, matijn van 13 tot 19 uur, michel van 20 tot 24 uur”

Voor zometeen als we in het [] Top 2000 Café | Beeld en Geluid zijn: [WayBack] Carmen Verheul on Twitter: “ik lees miv tweede kerstdag van 7 tot 12 uur, matijn van 13 tot 19 uur, michel van 20 tot 24 uur… “

De [WayBack] Over de NOS – Onze mensen: Nieuwslezers op Twitter:

In de nacht is er de “nieuwslezer van dienst”: [WayBackMatijn Nijhuis on Twitter: “de nachtlezer die voor alle zenders leest

Carmen en Matijn zijn sowieso een stel apart (:


PS: Het is al vaak door me heen gegaan. De lijm van Radio 2 zit in de nieuwslezers: de nieuwslezers hebben behalve een perfecte verbinding met de DJ’s, ook de verbinding tussen de diverse programma’s. Dat zorgt voor een totaal-sfeer over de dag heen wat bij andere zenders goeddeels ontbreekt. Wat inmiddels ook helpt is dat diverse DJ’s aan het einde de DJ van het volgende programma live in de uitzending hebben, maar de nieuwslezers vormen nog steeds de basis.

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Life after Google+ – Lars Fosdal

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/12/24

I need to find a place to host “The Wiert G+ stream, formerly“.

Maybe i should do something like Lars is setting up:

I am setting up camp at, and importing my old G+ content there, using the Friends+Me Google+ Export tool. Whether this will be my permanent home, still remains to be seen. If you use …

Source: [WayBackLife after Google+ – Lars Fosdal.

Via: [WayBack1/WayBack2] Life after Google+ (Primary)… – Lars Fosdal – Google+

The good news: Lars started a series of posts describing the process, so the reminder to myself: archive them in a list:


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The [WayBack] and [] links in my blog and G+ stream

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/12/13

Answering a good question on [WayBack] Jeroen Wiert Pluimers – Google+:


Kevin Powick: Why do so many of your posts have [WayBack] embedded in the text? I’ve never been able to figure it out.


On the blog they point to WayBack URLs of the link that succeeds it because I found out that web pages nowadays last a lot shorter than they used to be so link-rot has increased big time.

I still need to write a bookmarklet that automates that process for me: verify if a page is in WayBack, if not: try to store it, if it fails, store it in, then generate the full HTML for me to put in the blog.



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