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Archive for the ‘Awareness’ Category

Awareness: FLICC – Disinformation 101 / PLURV – Grundkurs Desinformation / PLOKS – Basiscursus Desinformatie (thanks Klimafakten/SkepticalScience)

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/04/12

Based on my series of tweets about the below disinformation posters (unrolled via [Archive] Jeroen Wiert Pluimers on Twitter: “@threadreaderapp unroll @UnrollThread”).

At first, I got the order wrong, but I was quickly corrected:

I wrote that series because at 20210102, the Dutch version got reposted a lot without attribution, for instance by [Archive] Michiel Noordzij on Twitter: “…” / Twitter (via [Archive] Farmahond on Twitter: “Aanvulling: de verzonnen verhalen a.k.a. leugens. Kan onder kopje “Anekdote”. #2januariTwitterdemonstratie” / Twitter).

So here the posters go in the right chronological order:

  1.; German translated PLURV poster “Grundkurs Desinformation” – [Wayback/Archive] P-L-U-R-V: Dies sind die häufigsten Desinformations-Tricks von Wissenschafts-Leugnern |
    • Pseudo-Experten,
    • Logik-Fehler,
    • Unerfüllbare Erwartungen,
    • Rosinenpickerei,
    • Verschwörungsmythen.
  2.; Original English FLICC poster “Disinformation 101” -[Wayback/Archive] F-L-I-C-C: The most common disinformation tricks of science deniers |
    • Fake experts,
    • Logical fallacies,
    • Impossible expectations,
    • Cherry-picking,
    • Conspiracy theories.
  3.; Dutch translated PLOKS poster “Basiscursus Desinformatie” at [Wayback/Archive] P-L-O-K-S: Unser Info-Poster zu Strategien der Desinformation jetzt auch auf Niederländisch |
    • Pseudo experts,
    • Logische dwalingen,
    • Onmogelijke verwachtingen,
    • Krenten uit de pap halen,
    • Samenzweringstheorieën.

And the tweets from Klimafakten in the chronological order:

  1. [Archive] Sprechen wir darüber on Twitter: “Disinformation101 – How to distort scientific facts One of the main methods: presenting fake experts We explain this and the other four techniques of #FLICC in our brand-new info poster: … By the way, in German it’s #PLURV: …” / Twitter
  2. [Archive] Sprechen wir darüber on Twitter: “Be it #Corona, #ClimateChange or #Evolution – the science gets regularly distorted in political debates In a large-format infographic, we explain the five most common #disinformation ploys. Aka #FLICC (or #PLURV in German) … @johnfocook @skepticscience …” / Twitter
  3. [Archive] Sprechen wir darüber on Twitter: “Disinformation is a global plague. For those of you who might yet have missed out on it – here is our Dutch-language infographic explaining the five key disinformation techniques used in the climate debate 🧡🇳🇱#PLOKS … @peterteffer @whoebert @erikwesselius ….” / Twitter

The unrolls with the posters in the wrong chronological order:


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Two now 3 months old O’RLY book puns “Getting ChatGPT to write your code” / “Copying and Pasting from ChatGPT”

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/04/04

Earlier this week I got reminded of the “book” so many people seem to fall for via the Tweet by [Wayback/Archive] turbo (@turboCodr) / Twitter.

The image (and text) is in fact a parody both on ChatGPT and on the Stack Overflow meme it is based on (more on my opinion on both further below).

Back to the book title referred by [Wayback/Archive] turbo on Twitter: “Something something last tech book you’ll ever buy”.:

Deploying untested code at break-neck speeds
Copying and Pasting from ChatGPT
The Practical Developer

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Two more Twitter bots that help with inclusion and accessibility (a11y): @get_altText and @captions_please

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/04/03

  1. [Archive] Alt Text Reader (@get_altText) / Twitter
    I read alt texts from images for you – just mention me in the reply to an image! (alt texts are a cool & accessible way to describe images – see pinned tweet)
    (If I’m broken, complain to @malfynnction)
  2. [Archive] captions_please (@captions_please) / Twitter

    I’m a bot, just starting to beep boop. Tag me in a tweet (or a reply to a tweet) and I’ll do my best to describe the image. Try @captions_please help for more

The first is developed and maintained by [Archive] φnn (@malfynnction) / Twitter with source code at [Wayback/Archive] malfynnction/AltText-Tweeter.

The second is developed and maintained by [Archive] Anil (@TheOtherAnil) / Twitter, with source code at [Wayback/Archive] AnilRedshift/captions_please_go where I learned the bot actually understands more commands, even some German:

Look for these methods in the file [Wayback/Archive] captions_please_go/parse_command.go at main · AnilRedshift/captions_please_go:

  • parseCommand
  • parseGerman
  • parseEnglish
  • parseGermanRemoveModifiers (removes words und and das)
  • parseGermanDirectives (understands the words hilfe, alternativtext, scannen, beschreiben, text)
  • parseEnglish
  • parseEnglishRemoveModifiers (removes words and and the)
  • parseEnglishLang (conditionally removes words in and into)
  • parseEnglishDirectives (understands the phrases help, auto, text, ocr, describe, caption, alttext, alt_text, alt text, translate, get)
  • parseTag (gets the target IETF Language Tag – like du-nl for Dutch-Netherlands or de-de for German-Germany, and fr-be for French-Belgium)
English / German Example Action
(nothing, internally called auto) As in @captions_please Tweets best it can do:

  • alt text if there is an image with an alt attribute,
  • ocr if there is an image without an alt attribute,
  • describe when no alt text or ocr can be returned.
help / hilfe As in @captions_please help Tweets help text
alt text, alttext, alt_text / alternativtext As in @captions_please alt text Tweets user-supplied alt text
ocr, text, get text / scannen As in @captions_please ocr Scan the image for text, then tweets the result
describe, caption / beschreiben As in @captions_please describe Tweets the AI generated description of the image
translate As in @captions_please translate Tweets the translated text

Also observe the commands set boolean flags in a structure, so it is possible to issue multiple commands at once (like @captions_please ocr translate fr-be)

The above Twitter accounts are complementing the below accounts/commands that I wrote about in One of the coolest Twitter bots commands: @AltTextCrew OCR please (and which both are being developed and maintained by [Archive] LGBTired 🏳️‍⚧️⚢ (@hbeckpdx) | Twitter):



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Redacteur Jeroen Wester hielp zijn oude, alleenstaande oom in zijn zoektocht naar zorg, en verdwaalde – NRC

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/03/25

De overhead van PGB in zowel WMO als WLZ door het wantrouwen van de overheid in de burger is enorm. Zo groot zelfs dat het waarschijnlijk de hoeveelheid fraude overstijgt.

Bovendien kan het overgrote deel van de groep die zorg op maat nodig heeft deze niet via natura-zorg in WMO of WLZ krijgen, en al helemaal niet digivaardig genoeg om de PGB bureaucratie aan te kunnen.

[Archive] Redacteur Jeroen Wester hielp zijn oude, alleenstaande oom in zijn zoektocht naar zorg, en verdwaalde – NRC:

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Informatiekaarten over palliatieve zorg – Pharos

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/03/24

De praatkaart gewoon sterven van Pharos staat op [Wayback/Archive] Informatiekaarten over palliatieve zorg – Pharos.

De kaart zelf is [Wayback/Archive preview]…

Via: [Archive] Gudule Boland on Twitter: “Wat gebeurt er als iemand doodgaat? Veel mensen kennen het natuurlijke proces van sterven niet. Deze gratis informatiekaart legt het uit in begrijpelijke woorden en beelden. … @PharosKennis …” / Twitter


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