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Archive for the ‘cars’ Category

Python Breaking Distance calculator (includes the German DIN 1451 font for traffic signage)

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/09/20

If you ever want a good visual representation to compare the breaking distance for a car at two different speeds, and see at what speed you will hit the human “obstacle”, then use the Python script

Git repository: [Wayback/] joschtl / bremsweg · GitLab.

The image is generated in the current directory

It probably won’t work on Windows as it dynamically builds a very long command-line calling ImageMagick tool [Wayback/] convert once to do all the drawing.

The text in the picture for now is hardcoded in German, but would be easy to adopt.

The fonts used are and FreeSans and [Wayback/] Alte DIN 1451 Mittelschrift Font Family · 1001 Fonts (which the Germans use for Traffic Signage and is very similar to fonts used in other countries).

Calculations are based on [Wayback/] Bremsweg-Rechner für Anhalteweg & Bremsweg – Johannes Strommer.



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Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/09

For my link archive: [Wayback/] : VIN Decoder for BMW


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BMW E46: beeping when driving slowly and the ABS computer being broken

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/01/31

Some time into the waiting for a new ABS/DSC computer to arrive for my E46, I heard beeping while driving slowly (it would start when standing still and disappear when driving around 20 km/h).

This was odd, as I didn’t touch anything besides the steering wheel or the gas and break pedals.

Nothing in the instrument cluster changed either, so that put me in the wrong direction.

When the ABS/DSC computer is broken, the cluster looks like this:

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BMW E46 How To Code Module Options – YouTube

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/09/16

For my link archive: E46, INPA and NCS Expert videos.


  • [WayBack] NCS Dummy – Taking the expert out of NCS Expert
  • Nice video! But since i do code several vehicles per week for different customers, i would like to point a few things out. 1st. For people who don’t know anything about coding: The central coding key (ZCS) or vehicle order(FA or VO) is like the DNA of the car. The build date, basic equipment and optional equipment are listed inside here. It’s saved redundant in 2 modules and has one simple funcion.. The computer that’s going to program or code the module(s) reads it and then determines how to deploy the software/coding to suit that specific car. 2nd. Because of the vehicle order only being changed for manual transmission, you should only code the relevant module(s) after you write the FA to the modules storing it, so in this case you should have only coded the kombi (AKMB) instead of the whole car and you would be all set. Processing the whole car can be quite dangerous. As failure to communicate with a module during coding actually can destroy a module.. ask me how i know ;) Because of that you should only code modules that actually need to be coded and leave the rest alone, to reduce the risk :) 3rd. Just leave the car running while coding, you won’t hurt anything ;) If battery voltage dips too hard it might cause communication problems and the consequences of that can be really bad for your module. 4th. Regarding the E46ZST file… There are 2 types reference files actually, one E46AT and one E46ZST. If your car has a central coding key (ZCS) , use the E46ZST file for reference of what to add or distract from the strings. If your car has a vehicle order, use the E46AT file. Within the AT file, the options will be listed, and the option codes to add will be in front of the description in the following format: Wxxx , in which case you should enter it like this in NCS expert: $xxx The newer chassis that only have a vehicle order will only have a ExxAT file in the DATEN folder. Lastly, You should (in theory) also program (not coding, flashing the module actually) the DME after a manual swap. You could do this by any programming tool of choice like WINKFP, ISTA /P or an external scan tool with module programming capability. The reason for this is that the software for an AT DME is different to that of a MT. The software in the DME for an AT actually retards the timing a little bit when the transmission should shift, thus reducing torque and enhancing the life of the clutches inside your transmission. Don’t feel offended by my criticism, I really do like all of your videos and i myself learned quite a bit from them! Keep up the good work man ;) If you ever need help with coding or programming any BMW, old or new, feel free to contact me. I love helping the BMW community :) Greetings from Belgium!

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E46 fuse box and cigarette lighter connection when front has VDO navigation installed

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/05/31

Some links (mostly in German) about E46 fuse box, and cigarette lighter connections (in my case: there was a VDO Dayton navigation in the normal place of the cigarette lighter in the front):


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