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Posts Tagged ‘google’

G+ now has completely stopped working: “Unusual traffic from your computer network” – Search Help

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/02/21

This is getting ridiculous: G+ now completely stopped working. No CAPTCHA every couple of seconds after my laptop wakes up, but the screenshot below.

The  “Unusual traffic from your computer network” – Search Help isn’t helping much either.

My computer isn’t sending automated queries. The Google related tabs (some 50+) in Chrome are, as they frantically try to refresh themselves when my laptop wakes up.

This is a Google and Chrome design decision:

  • each tab runs in a separate process
  • each tab keeps being active even when not visible
  • Google chooses to have each Google related tab to talk to Google Plus

It’s not my choice that this overloads the G+ system, so don’t bug me with that!



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Some more Chromecast development notes and links

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/03/29

Some notes and links for Chromecast development:

Some nice apps:


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Google Play Services 4.2 versions I saw in the wild on Android

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/02/14

Now that the Google Play Services 4.2 have been rolled out to enough Android devices, and the Google Play Services Library version 15 is out, this is my list of Play Services 4.2 versions I have seen in the wild:

  • 4.2.34
  • 4.2.39 (997510-038)
  • 4.2.42 (1013934-034)

Sorry, I didn’t note the build number for 4.2.34.

Anyone that can help complete this list?


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Google 2 factor authorization: “The code you entered didn’t verify. Learn more Tip: codes are time-dependent…”

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/01/18

Not sure what went wrong, but I could not use 2 factor authentication, but somehow the codes generated by the Google Authenticator didn’t work at all. When entering the codes, I got this message:

“The code you entered didn’t verify. Learn more Tip: codes are time-dependent. Make sure your phone is set to the correct local time.”

Of course both devices were having the same time, were in the same time zone, etc.

The “codes are time-dependent” – Google Search got me on the right track.

The fix was the second steps from this article (I updated the steps as some of the UI changed): Read the rest of this entry »

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Is there a Google Reader replacement that keeps ALL Google Reader history?

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/06/19

A while ago, I posted Google Reader alternatives: did you make a choice yet? indicating this about Feedly:

PRO: GR imported posts contains all history (even from blog feeds that are now defunct)

Well, I was proven wrong by this Feedly posting about the migration to their own cloud: [IMPORTANT] Preparing to be upgraded to the new feedly cloud | Building Feedly.

The one part we did not migrate from google reader is your history (too much data) so you have to expect that you are starting from a blank history and your unread counts will be reset. This is a one time issue.

Is there any Google Reader replacement that imports full history?


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