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G+ now has completely stopped working: “Unusual traffic from your computer network” – Search Help

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/02/21

This is getting ridiculous: G+ now completely stopped working. No CAPTCHA every couple of seconds after my laptop wakes up, but the screenshot below.

The  “Unusual traffic from your computer network” – Search Help isn’t helping much either.

My computer isn’t sending automated queries. The Google related tabs (some 50+) in Chrome are, as they frantically try to refresh themselves when my laptop wakes up.

This is a Google and Chrome design decision:

  • each tab runs in a separate process
  • each tab keeps being active even when not visible
  • Google chooses to have each Google related tab to talk to Google Plus

It’s not my choice that this overloads the G+ system, so don’t bug me with that!



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