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Archive for the ‘Power User’ Category

Chocolatey: installing Oracle SQL Developer and updating the chocolatey package

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/05/13

Sometimes an install is not just as simple as C:\>choco install --yes oracle-sql-developer.

I started with the below failing command, tried a lot of things, then finally almost gave up: Oracle stuff does not want to be automated, which means I should try to less of their stuff.

First of all you need an Oracle account (I dislike companies doing that for free product installs; I’m looking at Embarcadero too) by going to

[WayBack] Chocolatey Gallery | Oracle SQL Developer 18.4.0 (also:


  • This version supports both 32bit and 64bit and subsequently does not have a JDK bundled with it. It has a
    dependency on the jdk8 package to meet the application’s JDK requirement.
  • An Oracle account is required to download this package. See the “Package Parameters” section below for
    details on how to provide your Oracle credentials to the installer. If you don’t have an existing account, you can
    create one for free here:

Package Parameters

The following package parameters are required:

/Username: – Oracle username
/Password: – Oracle password

(e.g. choco install oracle-sql-developer --params "'/Username:MyUsername /Password:MyPassword'")

To have choco remember parameters on upgrade, be sure to set choco feature enable -n=useRememberedArgumentsForUpgrades.

Then the installation failed fail again: ERROR: The response content cannot be parsed because the Internet Explorer engine is not available, or Internet Explorer's first-launch configuration is not complete. Specify the UseBasicParsing parameter and try again.


The reason is that the package uses Invoke-WebRequest which requires Internet Explorer and PowerShell 3. Chocolatey packages however need to be able to run on just PowerShell 2 without Invoke-WebRequest.

Maybe using cURL can remedy that; adding a dependency to is is possible, as cURL can be installed via chocolatey: [WayBack] How to Install cURL on Windows – I Don’t Know, Read The Manual. Another alternative might be [WayBack] Replace Invoke-RestMethod in PowerShell 2.0 to use [WayBack] WebRequest Class (System.Net) | Microsoft Docs.

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Notities over corona vaccinatie, gele vaccinatieboekje en vaccinatieboekje app

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/05/13

In het internationaal erkende gele vaccinatieboekje (ook wel vaccinatiepaspoort) kun je je corona vaccinatie laten bijschrijven. Dit kan ter plekke na de vaccinatie of op een later moment (maar op een later moment is het veel lastiger).

[Wayback] Je vaccinatie tegen corona mag in je vaccinatiepaspoort, maar je moet er wel zelf om vragen – EenVandaag

Het ministerie van Volksgezondheid Welzijn en Sport zegt in een reactie dat je als je wil, je een geel boekje kan gebruiken wanneer je wordt gevaccineerd. Maar dat het ze zelf geen boekjes aanbieden en dat er zéker geen verplichting is.

[Wayback] Gele vaccinatieboekje | Sdu

vaccinatieboekje: het internationale bewijs van inenting waar vaccinaties voor bijvoorbeeld gele koorts, dtp, hepatitis A en B in geregistreerd worden. Hier kan de coronavaccinatie (Covid-19) eenvoudig aan toegevoegd worden.

De [Wayback] Vaccinatieboekje app lijkt niet rechtsgeldig, maar wel handig voor reminders.

Registreer je (rijks) vaccinaties online en download de app: Vaccinatieboekje. Lees welke vaccinaties als je op reis gaat en leer meer over infectie-ziekten.





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Het hopelijk tijdelijke afscheid door Haagse Insider🕵🏻‍♂️ (@HaagseInsider) | Twitter

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/05/13

Gisteren was er een (hopelijk tijdelijk) afscheid door [] Haagse Insider🕵🏻‍♂️ (@HaagseInsider) | Twitter.

De indrukwekkende draad is helaas niet beschikbaar op, maar wel beschikbaar op het web archief.

Sowieso wens ik meer rust en afstand voor HaagseInsider. Daarnaast duim ik dat het een weerzien wordt.


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Reminder to self: check if @NS_online finally accepts email addresses having a plus sign in them

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/05/12

Quite a while back, @NS_Online (Dutch railroads) did not accept plus signs in email addresses. I verified a few times over the years and not much progress.

This is a reminder to myself to re-check.

Below the fold the Twitter thread that started with [WayBack] Jeroen Pluimers on Twitter: “Toch jammer dat @NS_online valide email adressen met een plus-teken erin weigert.… “

Hopefully by now they retraced themselves from the bad company of many other parties failing to adhere to clear and long existing internet standards: [WayBack] User:Me at work/plushaters | Mozilla Community | FANDOM powered by Wikia.

Their web care team and their developers made a assumptions there:

  • questioning the use of a + in email addresses
  • questioning the email address used
  • diminishing the popularity of using a + inside email addresses
  • when you never heard of something, it does not exist
  • you can validate an email address without actually trying to deliver it

Some links on email addresses and their validity:

A bit takeaway:

  • when doing server side validation using XHR (XMLHttpRequest – Wikipedia), then be aware that you need to encode strings properly so you do not loose information


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Solved: Very slow speed on SSD |VMware Communities (via “Building a lab with ESXI and Vagrant – DarthSidious”)

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/05/11

Via [WayBack] Building a lab with ESXI and Vagrant – DarthSidious while researching the possibility of running Vagrant (software) – Wikipedia on VMware ESXi – Wikipedia for building and distributing development environments:

[WayBack] Solved: Very slow speed on SSD |VMware Communities “solution” that seems to work for ESXi 6.5 and 6.7:

ESXi 6.5 includes a new native driver (vmw_ahci) for SATA AHCI controllers, but that introduces performance problems with a lot of controllers and/or disks.

Try to disable the native driver and revert to the older sata-ahci driver by running

esxcli system module set --enabled=false --module=vmw_ahci

in an ESXi shell.

Reboot the host to make the change effective.

which solves it for some who now get much faster results:

Your suggestion worked for me, now i am getting avg speed 250Mbps from SATA III SSD .


Hope will get the full I/Ops from SSD.


One issue I still have is that my 4 port Syba PCIe controller card now vanishes after disabling vmw_ahci and I am restricted to using the SATA ports on the motherboard.

and you need backups:

WARNING: Doing this at least for me erases all the VMs on the aforementioned drive. Migrate as needed.

There was no response for a more permanent fix:

What is the permanent fix for this issue, should we expect a corrected native driver from VMware, or will this require a firmware upgrade on the part of the drive vendors?

and there seem to be other bottle-necks:

tried the command on a 6.7.

Deploying an OVA and I am getting 22.82….

I have a Samsung 860 EVO mSATA 1Tb SSD.

i re-enabled it, I got max 11.81.

Kind of crappy either way. Not SSD speeds IMO.



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