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Archive for April, 2016

windows update cannot currently check for updates because the service is not running window 7 – when the official fixes don’t work

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/04/29

Sometimes the solution is soooo simple:

The fix for me was to:

  1. go into Windows Update and
  2. change the settings to “Never check for updates (not recommended)”,
  3. click OK, and
  4. then change it back to “Install updates automatically”.

I’m sure that switching it off this way and then choosing any option that enables windows updates would have had the same effect. As soon as I did this, windows update went from having a red X to a green check mark that said “Windows is up to date” (even though it was not – but this signified that the service was now working properly). I clicked check for updates and was successful – several updates were ready to be downloaded and installed.

Source: windows update cannot currently check for updates because the service is not running window 7 HELP


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LSI sense codes

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/04/29

A while ago, I had RAID arrays suddenly drop out with unexpected sense codes.

I had a hard time tracking down what was wrong (it ended up being a faulty LSI Multi-lane Internal SFF-8087  to SATA/SAS Cable).

This caused all sorts of unexpected failures, hard to track down to any specific sense code.

As drives are bound to fail, and finding sense codes is a bit difficult, here are a few links that might help if I ever run into trouble again:

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vSphere HTML5 client shortcut tricks in Chrome for Windows – unclutter your browser-based UIs so they look like native apps! – TinkerTry

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/04/28

Great tips from Use Chrome for VMware-related taskbar shortcuts, unclutter your browser-based UIs so they look like native apps! | TinkerTry IT @ Home

Use these links to jump to each section’s step-by-step instructions for:

  1. vSphere Client – legacy Win32 C# client, likely to be deprecated soon
  2. ESXi Embedded Host Client – HTML5/JavaScript UI for ESXi
  3. vSphere HTML5 Web Client – HTML5/JavaScript UI for vCenter, released just 5 days ago!
  4. vSphere Web Client – comprehensive (and sluggish Adobe Flash) vCenter admin browser UI
  5. VAMI – occasional-use browser UI for back-end vCSA sysadmin
  6. Video showing how to create all 5 shortcuts – Step-by-step thorough YouTube video


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reStructuredText notes (.rst file extension)

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/04/28

Thanks to Eric Grange who asked Which lightweight markup language? I learned about reStructuredText (no cap R!) from a few comments Joseph Mitzen made.

It looks like reStructuredText has been around for much longer than Markdown, has better features (#1 for me: it is unambiguous, #2: native support on GitHub), but isn’t as popular. I think the latter is because finding editors supporting a live preview for it is a bit hard and tools are scattered around the net.

So here are a few notes on how I got reStructuredText to work on my Mac using OS X.

The hardest part was getting the reStructuredText preview for Atom to work:

  1. Verify you have recent apm/npm
  2. Download, then install the latest Mac Pandoc release (filename like “pandoc-*-osx.pkg”).
  3. Open Atom
  4. Menu “Atom” -> “Preferences” to open a “Settings” tab in the Atom user interface
  5. In the list “Settings”, “Keybindings”, “Packages”, “Themes”, “Updates”, “Install”, choose the last one: “Install”
  6. In the “Search packages” textbox, type “language-restructuredtext”, then hit Enter
  7. Wait a few seconds until “language-restructuredtext” appears in the list, then click the “Install”  button next to it
  8. In the “Search packages” textbox, type “rst-preview-pandoc”, then hit Enter
  9. Wait a few seconds until “rst-preview-pandoc” appears in the list, then click the “Install” button next to it
  10. To enable spell checking:
    1. In “Settings”, go to “Packages”
    2. Search for “spell-check”
    3. Click “settings”
    4. Add “gfm.restructuredtext” to the “Grammars” list
    5. Note you get “gfm.restructuredtext” from the “language-restructuredtext” package as described in Spell check in Atom – Atom quick tip #3 – Atom Editor Tips and Tricks.
  11. Restart Atom from the command-line (otherwise it will not find pandoc *)
  12. Open a reStructuredText file
  13. Press Ctrl-Shift-e to show the preview
  • pandoc error:

The error you get when pandoc cannot be found is this one:

‘pandoc’ could not be spawned. Is it installed and on your path? If so please open an issue on the package spawning the process.

It is easy to solve by modifying the Atom startup shell script and then don’t start, but start atom from the command-line in a terminal window:


For Windows:

  1. Install Chocolatey Gallery.
  2. Follow the steps at Hello Windows.
  3. Fails horribly: “The term ‘Install-ChocolateyPackage’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet”.
    1. Split-Path bug preventing Chocolatey to install a package · Issue #686 · chocolatey/chocolatey · GitHub.

A later try to get Pandoc installed on Windows was much easier: there is a Pandoc for Windows installer now.

Settings changes

I made a few, for instance:

  1. Ensure Tab to expands to spaces: See Soft Tabs and Tab Length under Settings > Editor Settings. via github – Atom – Change indentation mode – Stack Overflow.


Tables are always a hard thing in any markup. Luckily has a good table editor (it’s the same as and can emit reStructuredText, Markdown, HTML and other formats.

More in the future

Give me some time, and I will post more about using the format and how it compares to my Markdown past.

Note that pandoc does not fully support reStructuredText (for instance not all table features are supported), but docutils does and also gives better warning/error information when parsing.

Here are some links about the reStructured syntax and how they can be rendered by

For now, I’ll end with the goals of reStructuredText which I really like:

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400+ Free Resources for DevOps & Sysadmins

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/04/27

400+ Free Resources for DevOps & Sysadmins ranging from bitbucket/gitbub via letsencrypt through loggly to cloudflare and all soorts of *aaS online IDEs, payment services and more.

via: Mary Tee referred to by Joe Hecht.


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