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Archive for the ‘Google’ Category

How to Delete Specific Chrome Autofill Suggestions

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/01/14

If use the Chrome web browser, it’s fairly likely you will find Chrome autofill suggestions recommending things for various forms and text entry points. Sometimes those autofill suggestions c…

[Wayback] How to Delete Specific Chrome Autofill Suggestions

Most important are the steps:

  1. Open the related website which has a form entry where autofill suggestions appear
  2. Start typing so that the suggestion shows up as an option in Chrome
  3. Using the keyboard arrows, navigate down the suggestion list to the item(s) you want to remove from the Chrome autofill suggestions
  4. With the suggestion highlighted, use the appropriate keystroke sequence to delete the Chrome suggestion:
    • Mac: Shift + FN + Delete
    • Windows: Shift + Delete
    • Chromebook / Chrome OS: Alt + Shift + Delete
  5. Repeat with other suggestions to delete if desired

Via: [WayBack] edit google chrome autocomplete list – Google Search


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Google 2FA “Sorry, we can’t fulfill this request at this time. Please try again later or use a different phone number.”

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/01/14

A while ago while first securing a bunch of accounts with a phone number, then later replacing them with 2FA hardware, I got this error message:

Sorry, we can’t fulfill this request at this time. Please try again later or use a different phone number.

This seems to have to do with the fact that if have gotten about 10 2FA messages a day, then it cannot be used to add a new phone number to an account. The phone number still can be used to verify existing accounts where the phone number was already registered.

Retrying after 24 hours usually works.



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Google calendar: add a yearly repeating event on the last/#th/first weekday of a month

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/01/05

TL;DR: recurrence in Google Calendar can be tough.

Adding a yearly repeating event on a last weekday (where weekday is any day of the week: sunday, monday, etc) of a month in Google Calendar was a lot less obvious than I hoped for.

The easiest path “Custom Event” by default does not show last/#th/first, only a fixed date when selecting yearly or monthly repeating events, which is contrary to the suggested answer at [Wayback/] Google calendar question: How to set an event to repeat on the first Monday of a specific Month : google:

Create an event on September 3rd. Choose custom recurrence. Repeat every 12 months monthly on the first Monday. I just tested that out on the browser version of Google calendar

The trick is to first select a normally repeating monthly event on the last#th/first weekday day of a month.

Note that for the 5th week, you cannot do this in the Google Calendar UI as per [Wayback] google calendar – Schedule an event for last Sunday (or another day of week) of each month – Web Applications Stack Exchange:

If you actually want a day on the 5th week of every month (versus the last week), the Google Calendar UI does not support this, but you can do it by importing an .ics file

Below is an example while writing this: adding a yearly recurring event on the last Sunday of May (which in 2021 was Sunday the 30th of May).

These are the steps:

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Chrome: allow some URLs to “never sleep” (or hibernate/discard)

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/29

This option in Chrome has moved around a bit, so here is how it was in Version 89.0.4389.90 (Official Build) (64-bit) when I documented it.

  1. Browse to chrome://discards/
  2. Don’t be intimidated by the many rows and columns; only the rightmost 8 (at the time of writing) are interesting:

  3. Search for the URL (in my chase , so I searched for whatsapp which you see as orange in the screenshots below) for which you want to ensure it will never sleep/hibernate (Chrome calls this “discardable”)

  4. Click Toggle under the checkmark ✔ so it changes into a cross ✘️ (so the URL will never be discarded, hence always stays awake)

Do this only for tabs that are not CPU/memory/traffic intensive

I got there via these posts:

When searching for discards, I found this post: [Wayback] How to Prevent Chrome from Reloading Tabs When You Switch to Them

Chrome has built-in memory management that causes inactive tabs to “sleep” as RAM is filled. When you click the tab again, it has to reload the page. It’s annoying.


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Chrome Print dialogue not offering fit to page, landscape, other printing options ( I’m looking at you @OHRA )

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/08

Some sites manage to disable various printing options (including layout, so you cannot choose between landscape and portrait any more, or force landscape when portrait works better or vice versa).

Googling this got me into a web of things that didn’t help me (see links below), but those led me to this query [Wayback] chrome save as pdf layout missing portrait landscape – Google Search.

That returned a helpful result at [] Chrome Print dialogue not offering fit to page, landscape, other printing options – Google Chrome Community:

I found a solution.

1.  Install the Stylus Extension.
2.  Go into the Stylus extension and click on “Write new style”.
3.  Put the following code in:
@page {
  size: auto;

4.  Give it a name (I called mine “Fix Orientation”) and save it.

5.  Reload the page you’re trying to print and the print dialogue should now have the “Layout” option and you should always get it for any page you print from now on.

It’s about the extension [] Stylus – Chrome Web Store

Redesign the web with Stylus, a user styles manager. Stylus allows you to easily install themes and skins for many popular sites.

I reconfigured the OHRA Mijn Zorg site to force re-enabling of layout by adding @page { size: auto !important; } for (click the Save button to save this change permanently):

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