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Archive for the ‘Google’ Category

google chrome – How can I selectively disable paste blockers – Super User

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/04/16

For my link archive: [WayBack] google chrome – How can I selectively disable paste blockers – Super User.

Preliminary testing shows that Chrome Extension [] “Don’t Fuck with Paste” works with


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Google Drive is not telling it secretly moves files to the trash

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/04/12

A while ago, Google Drive told me it was out of storage.

I tried re-syncing, and then it suddenly told me a “Drive storage is full” message indicating “You have 3GB in your trash at Empty your trash or upgrade your storage”.

You can view your trash at

Emptying is more tricky than you’d think:

  1. Click on the “Trash word” (not the trash icon!)
  2. Click om “Empty trash”
  3. Conform the action


  4. wait a few seconds, as often the trash will fill itself up again
  5. if it refilled: repeat from step 2.
  6. refresh your browser screen, as often then the trash will refill
  7. if it refilled: repeat from step 2.

The trash contained thousands of temporary PDF files: 3.2 GB, even more than Google Drive indicated.

These are not something I want to keep in the trash. Too bad Google Drive never warned me they were kept there.

On a different account that had way more file changes this saved more than 27 GB.

Maybe time to setup [WayBack] Google Drive Sensor | PRTG Network Monitor User Manual

Might be really interesting, as since 2015, [WayBack] PRTG 100 is Now Available For Free.


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Next time traveling in countries I do not speak the language of: use live (real time!) Google Translate of signage and voice.

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/03/29

Google translate is so useful.

The thread below is [WayBack] Thread by @shanselman: “Anytime I’m traveling I use Google Translate to check translations in real time on signage. You have to see it to belis real and LIVE while you move your camera. @ Paris Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos Folk […]”

But first one via [WayBack] Hadi Hariri on Twitter: “This is pretty damn cool.… “

[WayBack] Leon Fayer on Twitter: “Another point for Google docs… “

Live translate (Via Danny Thorpe and Mark Miller):

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Is there a way to increase the rate at which Gmail fetches mail from another account? – Web Applications Stack Exchange

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/02/05

[WayBack] Is there a way to increase the rate at which Gmail fetches mail from another account? – Web Applications Stack Exchange got a nice follow-up on Twitter:

This is way better than suggestions from the past: increase the frequency in which email arrives at the POP3 account.

Related: [WayBack] mobile – Can I control how often Gmail polls POP3 accounts for incoming mail? – Web Applications Stack Exchange


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Limiting Google Research to multiple web-sites using the OR and site: operators

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/01/22

I knew Google Search had a site: operator and I thought you could or them together using something like this:

reboot or

To my surprise that returned zero results as in empty result list.

Indeed: the OR needs to be in uppercase to work:

you can use the OR operator to add another site to your query:

reboot OR


Source: How to limit Google search result to a set of websites? – Web Applications Stack Exchange [WayBack]

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