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Archive for the ‘YouTube’ Category

In deze tijden van desinformatie belangrijker dan ooit “Zo check je waar die foto vandaan komt: foto’s controleren met een paar muisklikken.” (Peter Burger op Twitter) #OSINT

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/04/08

(English link for OSINT video/photo checking at the bottom of the post)

[Wayback/Archive] Peter Burger on Twitter: “Zo check je waar die foto vandaan komt: foto’s controleren met een paar muisklikken.”

Met voorbeeld video’s hoe je dit met foto’s kunt doen, en een wat langere YouTube video hoe je dat ook met video kunt doen via [Wayback/Archive] Peter Burger on Twitter: “@ManoelServal Hebben we net een video over gemaakt! …”

[Wayback/Archive] Hoe check je video’s? – YouTube

Soms kom je op internet video’s tegen waarvan je denkt: klopt dat wel? In deze video van Nieuwscheckers zie je hoe je heel simpel kan controleren waar een video vandaan komt.

Verderop in de replies een eenvoudige manier om video’s terug te vinden [Wayback/Archive] Peter Burger on Twitter: “@CarelBrendel Met gewoon screenshots maken en dan reverse image search kom je vaak een heel eind. Wil je meer dan is er speciaal voor video de Amnesty YouTube Data Viewer en vooral de geweldige plugin van Invid: …”:

[Wayback/Archive] InVID Verification Plugin – InVID project

A plugin to debunk fake news and to verify videos and images

It is available on that page for both Firefox and Chrome.



The last link also pointed to a tweet English content on tracing the source of video/photo material [Wayback/Archive] Jan Vergouwe on Twitter: “Ook benieuwd wat je zou kunnen doen om te checken of een foto of video nep of echt is? Een goed te volgen (in Engels wel) introductie…”

[Wayback/Archive] Shayan Sardarizadeh on Twitter: “Are you keen to learn how to use free, open source tools to investigate and verify videos and images online? @_kRaay @BenDoBrown @paulybrown and I have made a video with some tips about how we in @BBCNews verify online content. You might actually like it! …”


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From Yahoo closing Answers tonight to blocking ads on YouTube

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/05/04

The discussion on Yahoo closing Answers tonight quickly went from alternative text based question/answer sites to long YouTube videos having hardly any content but ads, to blocking these ads: [Wayback] Yahoo sluit Answers-dienst na vijftien jaar en verwijdert inhoud – IT Pro – Nieuws – Tweakers

So here are some links where I can learn a bit of browser plugin and Android development technology as well:

(What I dislike most about ads is that they start at unnatural positions in the stream and cover topics I’m totally not interested in).


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Getting confused with the many YouTube subdomains and first level paths

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/28

Just a short list, as there are many more (see zzz and zzz), and the vast amount in the longer lists confuses me:

So the ones I use are below; are there any interesting ones missing?

These I hardly use in the below list, anyone using them often?

Most ad blockers block, so I never see it.


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Binary search for finding problematic versions: install a specific version in homebrew and git bisect

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/14

I’ve used these excellent posts to find out which youtube-dl version started to exhibit troublesome NPO downloads, then later find the actual failing commit:

Why the effort? I needed an as recent as possible youtube-dl working on as many sites as possible because of some work preparation.

The first link is very important because brew versions and alternatives have stopped working some 6 years ago, even though they turn up high on Google searches for brew install specific version. Hence the quote from the first link:

Installing software packages on Mac is very easy with homebrew. You typically get the latest version, however often in production you do not have the latest version of a software package. Another use case is when you upgrade to the latest and you find out there is bug which blocks you doing something. In this case you would like to downgrade to the previous version until the bug is fixed.In both cases you need to install a specific version of a software package with homebrew on your Mac, which tends to be not that trivial. There is a lot of discussion about this on stackoverflow but some of them are outdated based on brew versions which is not available anymore.

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[APP][MOD]OGYouTube v1.2 Downloader, Popup/Background/ScreenOff Playback

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/09/23

From a while ago on XDA: [APP][MOD]OGYouTube v1.2 Downloader, Popup/Background/ScreenOff Playback which allows you to download and off-line play YouTube videos on your Android device.

via: New tutorial!#youtube   #google   #android   – DoorToDoorGeek “Stephen McLaughlin” – Google+

Note that on laptops, I tend to use [WayBack] youtube-dl.


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