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Archive for the ‘C#’ Category

Professional techniques for C# – Lecture Notes Parts 1..4 of 4 – CodeProject

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/10

If you’re new to C#, below is a good series of articles to get started.

Even if you’re not so new, there are quite some interesting bits to learn from them:

  1. [WayBackAn advanced introduction to C# – Lecture Notes Part 1 of 4 – CodeProject
    1. Introduction
    2. The right development environment
    3. Basic concepts
    4. Namespaces
    5. Data types and operators
    6. Reference and value types
    7. Control flow
    8. Object-oriented programming
    9. Inheritance and polymorphism
    10. Access modifiers
    11. Properties
    12. The constructor
    13. Abstract classes and interfaces
    14. Exception handling
    15. Outlook
    16. Other Articles in this Series
    17. References
    18. History
  2. [WayBackMastering C# – Lecture Notes Part 2 of 4 – CodeProject
    1. Introduction
    2. Enumerations
    3. Delegates
    4. Auto-generated properties
    5. Generic types
    6. Generic methods
    7. Constraints
    8. Lambda expressions
    9. Anonymous objects & inferring types
    10. Extension methods
    11. LINQ
    12. Windows Forms development
    13. Custom drawing in Windows Forms
    14. Outlook
    15. Other Articles in this Series
    16. References
    17. History
  3. [WayBackAdvanced programming with C# – Lecture Notes Part 3 of 4 – CodeProject
    1. Introduction
    2. Events
    3. The .NET standard event pattern
    4. Reflection
    5. Dynamic Types
    6. Accessing the file system
    7. Streams
    8. Threads
    9. Thread-communication
    10. The Task Parallel Library
    11. Tasks and threads
    12. Awaiting async methods
    13. Outlook
    14. Other Articles in this Series
    15. References
    16. History
  4. [WayBackProfessional techniques for C# – Lecture Notes Part 4 of 4 – CodeProject
    1. Introduction
    2. More control on events
    3. Overloading operators
    4. The yield statement
    5. Iterators
    6. Understanding co- and contra-variance
    7. Using attributes effectively
    8. Elegant binding
    9. Unsafe code
    10. Communication between native and managed code
    11. Effective C#
    12. Outlook
    13. Other Articles in this Series
    14. References
    15. History



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I wish the Delphi language supported multi-line strings

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/06/21

Very often, I see people ask for how to embed multi-line strings in a Delphi source file.

The short answer is: you can’t.

The long answer is: you can’t and if you want you have to hack your way around.

The answer should be: just like any of these languages that do support multiline strings:

Many languages support this through a feature called HEREDOC.

Now in Delphi and other languages like Java are building ugly workarounds like for instance this one: [WayBackRAD Studio Tip: Using resource scripts to organize project dependencies. – Chapman World.


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Build 2018: The Future of C#

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/06/13

A cool preview of things to come in C# 8: [WayBackBuild 2018: The Future of C#

Via: [WayBack] C# 8 changes, exemplified #csharp – Lars Fosdal – Google+


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The 68 things the CLR does before executing a single line of your code (*) · Performance is a Feature!

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/04/16

Because the CLR is a managed environment there are several components within the runtime that need to be initialised before any of your code can be executed. This post will take a look at the EE (Execution Engine) start-up routine and examine the initialisation process in detail.

Lots of interesting stuff happening before your code even gets executed. Many of the pieces can log.

Source: [WayBackThe 68 things the CLR does before executing a single line of your code (*) · Performance is a Feature!

Via: [WayBack] Good stuff to know! – Ondrej Kelle – Google+


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C# 8.0 features – an exiting list of new possibilities on the horizon

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/04/04

Shamelessly adapted from [WayBack] C# 8.0 features Extension everything — a new syntax for extension methods that will also allow extension “other things,” like the much-anticipated exte… – Lars Fosdal – Google+, including the original posts where the topics were covered:

C# 8.0 features

Post 1

[WayBack] C# 8.0 Features: A Glimpse of the Future – NDepend: C# 8.0 is on the horizon and will be here before you know it, bringing with it some interesting functionality. Let’s take a peek into the future.

Extension everything — a new syntax for extension methods that will also allow extension “other things,” like the much-anticipated extension properties.

Default implementations on interfaces — this allows you to implement methods on interfaces, giving them a default implementation. That will enable you to add new methods to interfaces without breaking its clients.

Nullable reference types — probably one of the most anticipated features ever. It’s a reinterpretation (a “retcon” for you comic book geeks out there) of all the reference types as nullable and the introduction of a new syntax to denote nullable types, accompanied by several types of static checks, to prevent several classes of errors regarding these types. Say farewell to the null reference exception!

Post 2

[WayBack] C# 8.0 Features: Another Glimpse of the Future – NDepend This post covers two probable C# 8.0 features: null coalescing assignment and records. It explains what they are and reports on their current statuses, as well.

Null coalescing assignment — a very simple feature to shorten the check for null before assigning to a variable.

Records — this one is pretty interesting. It’s basically a very short way for you to declare classes that are only data holders. The compiler gives you Equals and GetHashCode implementations, a constructor, properties, and immutability for free, allowing you to do something more interesting with your life than writing loads of boilerplate code.

Post 3

[WayBack] C# 8.0 Features: A Final Glimpse Of The Future – NDepend: Here’s our final post in our C# 8.0 series, where we glimpse into the future. Today we’ll cover another two possible features: target-typed new expressions and covariant return types.

Target-typed “new” expressions — a way for you to omit the type from a constructor call, making the code simpler and less redundant.

Covariant return types — a much-anticipated feature that allows an overriding method to return a more derived type than the original type from the base class.

I really hope they publish the full specs soon, but given that the C# 7 specs yet have to (see [WayBack] C Sharp (programming language) – Wikipedia: Versions), I do not hold my breath, even though it had lots of interesting new stuff too:


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