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Archive for the ‘Personal’ Category

Me starting to understand the real life meanings of Shim

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/11/12

The combination of being partially word blind and having learned English initially from my urge to understand computing books during my (Dutch) secondary education in the mid 1980s, I often have a gap between understanding “daily life” or “real life” English words, especially when they also have a meaning in the computing world.

So it took me a while to get the non-computing meaning of shim.

In computing, shim is used as word for tiny shell that separates two layers, which means my original association was with “sphere”.

Had I associated with an adapter or something that puts space between to layers, it would have been much easier to understand the “real life” meaning of a spacer shim.

Similarly, I had trouble understanding washer (which I associated with washing, and is right: it often means washing machine, but can also mean dish washer, which is an odd word for me as it washes much more than dishes). It took me much longer to get there is an additional meaning for a mechanical construction washer, which is a thin disc (so not a tube-like ring) often used as spacers, so in a sense similar to a shim.

In Dutch, I have the same problem with “wasmachine” (English washing machine) and “afwasmachine” (Dish washer).

To add to the confusion, hardware washers in Dutch are called rings.


All of the above links are from Wikipedia.

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Current state: still fighting the metastases of the rectum cancer; chemos are done, major liver surgery in about 3 weeks

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/08/23

A long follow-up of Current state: still fighting with rectum cancer, but chances for better quality of life which does not even include everything, because so much happened.

So this is the current state; browse back via Twitter for more of the history which you can find at [] Jeroen Pluimers on Twitter: “Too much to let sink in …” and [] Jeroen Pluimers (@jpluimers) | Twitter.

Too much to let sink in, not just about the hospital results and upcoming surgery, but also about Cindy and Danny Thorpe who just lost their house in the California forest fires, despite it being on the humid side of the Santa Cruz mountains.
If you can help anybody affected by the #CZULightningComplex, please do. Many families there are going through a rough time for the foreseeable future especially because of the combination of fires and COVID.
If you are in that area: be careful, be safe.
For me it is mixed emotions time.
The chemo did make the cancer operable. Some tumors have shrunken, a few small ones are invisible, probably because of the chemo-induced hepatic steatosis, and no new tumor were found.
The prolapse has grown big: extended it is at least 10cm of bowel pushing itself outside of the abdomen causing many stoma leaks (5 full ones in 2 weeks time and 2 almost ones yesterday).
The good news is that it means there is hardly any intestinal adhesion.
The bad news: it takes 4-8 hours a day (of which 1-2 hours during the night) pushing the bowel back into the stoma so the output opening becomes unblocked and the poo can get out.
Though a temporary situation, this eats a lot of energy.
It means I need to find a way to keep my body in shape to prepare for surgery which is in 3-4 weeks (likely mid September).
The surgery will be tough as it will focus on 2 things:
  1. Removing areas of of the liver where the tumors are and were (which is about 30-50% of the liver).
  2. Likely remove the gallbladder, to minimise the chance of bile leakage (which is devastating when it gets into the abdomen)

    (Good news: no chance to get gallstones)

  3. repair the small intestine and remove the stoma.
It is going to be bloody surgery (because of the liver part) taking some 4 hours or more, likely ending up in the IC because the post-surgery risks.
This scares the hell out of me.
In addition recovery will take a long time, and even longer for liver tissue growing back (it will never reach 100%, but should be much more than 50% in a few years time).
I also need to re-learn how to poop, which likely means back to diaper age for quite a while.
So all of this means I feel very confused. Glad on the one side because I will loose the cancer and the stoma, but mixed about the risks and recovery.
More later.


Via [Wayback] Thread by @jpluimers on Thread Reader App: Too much to let sink in, not just about the hospital results and upcoming surgery, but also about Cindy and @danny_thorpe who just lost their house in the California forest fires…

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Colorectal Cancer: Stages | Cancer.Net

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/07/18

For my link archive: [WayBack] Colorectal Cancer: Stages | Cancer.Net.

This explains:

  • cT3N1Mx
  • ypT2N1a


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Some quick links on Korian in The Netherlands as they were/are? buying a maze construction of care companies that were on the edge of bankruptcy

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/16

A few quick notes, so I at least have some links.

According to the ACM decision PDF, BluePrint Group B.V. and it’s subsidiaries, including de Statenhof in Leiden, were on the verge of bankruptcy in January 2020, and the Korian SA owned structure is supposed to save them.

Edit 20200424

The central phone number of ECR the statenhof (+31883280110) did not get answered for a few days and has now been disconnected by the phone provider. The phone number now listed at Google is +31885057000 which gets you to Ontzorgd Wonen. When being transferred to the Statenhof, you consistently get an “in use” tone.

The old phone number is still listed in many places, like for instance [WayBack] and the email signatures of their personnel. The new phone number is also at [WayBack] De Statenhof Leiden | Wonen met zorg | Ontzorgd Wonen Groep.

Family relations of ECR de Statenhof

These lists are not complete, as I focus on ECR the Statenhof in oder to understand where it will be in a future structure.




Families around the new Korian owner





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Hoe gaan autistem om met de coronacirsis? 15-minuten interview met Karol Henke, Bianca Toeps en Chris Verlaan (@KarolHenke, @biancatoeps, #ChrisVerlaan)

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/06

Een voor mij belangrijke quote van Chris Verlaan:

Blijkbaar heb ik een bepaald aantal mensen in mijn omgeving nodig om te kunnen functioneren.

Zowel overprikkeling als onderprikkeling is voor veel mensen met autisme een probleem.

De overprikkeling is meestal veel makkelijker te onderkennen dan onderprikkelingen.

Dan 2 quotes van Bianca Toeps:

  • Probeer toch zoveel mogelijk structuur voor jezelf erin te brengen.
  • Wees niet te boos op iedereen.
  • Gun jezelf ook wat.

In mijn geval, herstellend van zowel endeldarmkanker als een burn-out: schenk aandacht aan zowel overprikkeling en onderprikkeling.

En dan de laatste quotes, van Karol Henke:

  • Zoek de rust op
  • Zoek de regelmaat op
  • Check de website [WayBack]
  • De autisme hulplijn 030 22 99 800 (elke werkdag bezeg door 20 vrijwilligers van 10:00 tot 14:00; vanuit het buitenland +31302299800).






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