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Archive for the ‘InternetArchive’ Category

Interactive tool to record a web-site, then archive it as WARC: GitHub – webrecorder/webrecorder-user-guide: webrecorder user guide and glossary

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/03/26

Learned about this in the fall of G+: [WayBack] GitHub – webrecorder/webrecorder-user-guide: webrecorder user guide and glossary

Back then, fully automated tools were easier.

So it is on my list of things to try one day for smaller projects.

From the glossary:

Quick Start

  1. Enter a URL in the box in the center of the screen labeled ‘URL to capture’.
  2. Press the ‘start’ button (look down and to the right of the box where you entered the URL).
  3. Interact with the web page that loads so Webrecorder can capture the content displayed on this page. To collect audio or video from a page be sure to press ‘play’ so the file will load into the browser.
  4. Continue to visit and browse the pages you would like to capture. Each page you view will be included in your capture session. Note: you will be capturing the contents of each page you visit but will not automatically obtain pages that are linked to on the pages you collect (hyperlinks).
  5. To end your capture session hover over the ‘Capture’ button in the upper left corner of the screen so it changes to read ‘Stop’ then click that button.
  6. Your capture will then be browsable. Note: the capture will not ‘replay’ like a linear recording but instead be an interactive copy of the pages you have collected.
  7. If you are a logged-in user, this session will be saved to your account automatically. If you are not logged in an account, you can sign up for an account or log in to your existing account to save the collection after you create it. If you do not log in you can still download your collection for a limited time (approximately 90 minutes from when you stop your recording session).


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Helping the WayBack ArchiveTeam team: running their Warrior virtual appliance on ESXi

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/03/19

The [WayBack] Archiveteam helps the WayBack machine with feeding new content.

You can help that team by running one or more “warrior” virtual machine instances. The VM is distributed as a virtual appliance in an ova file according to the Open Virtualization Format.

That format sounds more generic than it actually is, so the (at the time of writing) archiveteam-warrior-v3-20171013.ova file at [WayBack] Index of /downloads/warrior3/ was created for VirtualBox.X

This meant running it on VMware ESXi or VMware vSphere takes a few steps for patching it, then uploading it to your VMware host.

Since I might want to run the appliance on multiple places or multiple instances, I wanted to have a ready-to-go solution, I created a git repository with both the patch instructions and the update at [WayBack] / public / ova / archiveteam-warrior-v3-20171013.ESXi · GitLab.

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Archiving Google Product Forums URLs

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/11/13

Archiving Google Product Forum URLs is a pain in the butt for a couple of reasons:

So the trick for saving is:

  1. Get from the /forum/#!topic/ based URL to the /d/topic/ based one
  2. Put it after the, then save



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WayBack machine now rate limits your requests and blocks if you go over it

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/10/19

Got this a while ago while saving a bunch of links for my blog; unfortunately the email address did not respond for information

Too Many Requests

We are limiting the number of URLs you can submit to be Archived to the Wayback Machine, using the Save Page Now features, to no more than 15 per minute.

If you submit more than that we will block Save Page Now requests from your IP number for one day.

Please feel free to write to us at if you have questions about this. Please include your IP address and any URLs in the email so we can provide you with better service.

I wish there was a queue service that would make you wait longer, but does fulfill the request.


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When archiving in the WayBack machine returns error 400: clear your cookies

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/08/16

When archiving pages in the WayBack machine, despite Privacy Badger having set to “save no cookies”, it still managed to set truckloads of cookies.

So I used the Chrome settings in chrome://settings/content/cookies to disable cookies and now everything is fine.


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