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Archive for the ‘About’ Category

Today one year ago, it was a wonderful day waking up the morning after the World Music Contests…

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/31

Looking back, it was an awesome time: [WayBack] It’s a wonderful day waking up the morning after the World Music Contests are over while still a bit amazed you won with your Marching Band +Adest Music… – Jeroen Wiert Pluimers – Google+

Too bad that the hypermobility of my joints forced me to first stop performing parades with the marching band, and in a few months time will lead to my last show performance in the field.

The pain and recovery times have increased too much to bear with them.

Furthermore, care taking tasks also have been fluctuating very much, with an ever gradually increasing base-line.

Hopefully that will change later in the year, by finding new people that can assist me with that.

For now it means I have to balance work and care taking, leading to no conference performances for the second half of the year.

The work I do has changed for the better. Where last two calendar years were centered around an energy sucking environment, the current one gives me energy.

That helps me in my balancing act, especially since sitting and playing percussion is OK enough for now.

One year ago:

It’s a wonderful day waking up the morning after the World Music Contests are over while still a bit amazed you won with your Marching Band +Adest Musica World 2nd on the Show, World 4th on the March and the finale day public prise.

What makes this extra special for me is that I had the opportunity – after skipping the WMC 2005 edition because of care-taking reasons, and performing in the drum pit during the 2009 and 2013 editions – to perform the show in the field one more time.

The field performance will also be my last time at WMC, as I need to see a rheumatologist because of gout and joint problems. Likely the outcome will be somewhere between having a rheumatic disease, or too much abuse of the joints. Which means to step down a bit. Approaching 50, I have no problem with finding another role within the marching band as I’d love celebrating my 40th band membership in 2020.

Thanks everyone at +Adest Musica for allowing to do this performance in the field one more time and giving me enough opportunity to take care for my brother next to it.

See you all again at the end of August to prepare for autumn gig season.

The link is to a tweet of the mayor of Teylingen, the municipality encompassing Sassenheim where +Adest Musica is based. She attended the finale day and is very proud (:

Carla Breuer⚘ on Twitter
Carla Breuer⚘ on Twitter

8 months ago



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Zorgkantoor Zorg en Zekerheid: Zorgbeschrijvingen en zorgovereenkomsten

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/03/01

For my link archive: [WayBackZorgkantoor Zorg en Zekerheid: Zorgbeschrijvingen en zorgovereenkomsten

Note: the meta description in the page HTML mentions AWBZ but should mention WLZ:

<meta name=”descriptioncontent=”Website van de Zorgkantoren Zuid-Holland Noord &amp; Amstelland en de Meerlanden, met informatie over de AWBZ, het zorgaanbod in de regio, zorgverstrekking en eigen bijdrage, het persoons gebonden budget etc. Het zorgkantoor is verantwoordelijk voor de uitvoering van AWBZ-zorg in de regio.” />


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Many people realised that “You are right” cuts short of a lot of discussions. But it has made coaching my brother as a custodian lot harder.

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/01/22

This actually is become more and more of a problem, so any hints to handle situations like this are more than welcome.

The problem is that my mentally retarded brother found this out all by himself some 18 months ago, which makes it extremely hard to coach him and be his custodian.

Source: [WayBack] #lifehack Source: @sindresorhus on Twitter  – Jeroen Wiert Pluimers – Google+

Via: [WayBack] #lifehack Source: @sindresorhus on Twitter  – Jan Wildeboer – Google+




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It’s Crash-Along Cymbals! Can you keep up with the bonkers finale of Tchaikovsky 4? – London Philharmonic Orchestra

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/01/15

This is so cool!

And yes: I can. Even with the big cymbals (:



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20180110 – spelen tijdens de finale van “Nu”, de nieuwe show van Claudia de Breij

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/01/13

Afgelopen woensdag ter afsluiting van de nieuwe show “Nu” van Claudia de Breij met Adest Brass gespeeld in de Leidse Schouwburg.

Dit was echt een geweldige avond!



Meer foto’s op



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