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Hoe we omgaan met kwetsbaren: UWV en de Wajong. Het UWV weet het ook allemaal niet meer, en bepaalt volgend jaar wat je dit jaar had mogen krijgen

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/01/17

[] jim faas 🍀 (@🏠) on Twitter: “LEES DE BRIEF van UWV aan een Wajonger EN HUIVER❗️ ✅de regels zijn aangepast ✅de zoveelste keer 🤭 ✅niemand kon er nog een touw aan vastknopen 👉Pepijn krijgt uitleg 👉hij snapt het weer niet worden gecompliceerde regelingen expres bedacht voor de meest kwetsbaren? /1… “


Thread: [Wayback] Thread by @JimFaas on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App

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Having the Tom Bihn Brain Bag as day-to-day backpack, I wonder about the PeakDesign Travel Backpack

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/01/15

Having the Tom Bihn Brain Bag as day-to-day backpack, I wonder about the PeakDesign Travel Backpack.

The features I like most about the [WayBack] Tom Bihn Brain Bag are:

  • that it has 2 big main compartments,
  • the rail system allowing easy attached removal of one or two laptop caches [WayBack],
  • the freudian slip insert [WayBack],
  • the snake charmer accessory [WayBack],
  • the materials last forever
    (my first lasted 20+ years, so I gave it to mentally retarded brother. To bad he disposed it, not realising how durable it was “it was too big for my work-stuffand too small for my diving flippers, so I threw it away”)

Two more things I like, but are not available any more (new products are being designed for them):

I wonder about the material differences between the two too backpacks.

Here are some links if you want to compare them yourself:

Via: [WayBack] After 2 weeks of researching I finally bought what I believe to be the best carry on backpack in the world: The #PeakDesign Travel Backpack. Seriously i… – Jason Mayes – Google+

On fabrics:



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Syncopation in pop/rock music – Open Music Theory

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/25

Because this is explained the basics of off-beat rhytms so well: [WayBack] Syncopation in pop/rock music – Open Music Theory:

Of course there are way more complicated things to do with it, so if you are into that, read the links below.

But if you are new, then listen and watch to the first video below the fold.

More advanced:

Oh, and I learned about bouncy metronome, which is a great tool on Windows:


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In Amsterdam zonder Ja-Ja sticker hoef je de @AxenderBV bezorger geen fooi te geven

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/21

In 2019 instrueerde [WayBack] Axender B.V. (@AxenderBV) | Twitter haar bezorgers om langs alle deuren te gaan, ook die in Amsterdam geen JA-JA sticker hebben.

Die bezorger hoef je dan dus geen fooi te geven, want je krijgt geen folders.

Axender bezorgt ook incidenteel de City krant: bij ons in Amsterdam 1 keer in 2018.




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NOx value measurement is an indicator for much wider forms of pollution (was: Definitiv ein lesenswerter Artikel, trotz der plakativen Schlagzeile)

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/11/30


In other words (and she’ll say that later in an interview): It’s not the NO2 limit we’re talking about here, it’s all the air pollutants we inhale day after day. The discussion about diesel bans and the reduction of NO2 emissions misses the real problem, because if only the NO2 is reduced and not the other pollutants, that does not help much.

Google translated from:

Mit anderen Worten (und das sagt sie auch noch später in Interview): Es ist gar nicht der NO2-Grenzwert, um den es hier geht, es sind die gesamten Luftschadstoffe, die wir Tag für Tag einatmen. Die Diskussion um Dieselfahrverbote und Reduzierung des NO2-Ausstoßes geht am eigentlichen Problem vorbei, denn wenn nur das NO2 reduziert wird und nicht die weiteren Schadstoffe, hilft das nicht viel.

[WayBack] Definitiv ein lesenswerter Artikel, trotz der plakativen Schlagzeile: > Es geht bei dem Grenzwert nicht nur um die Gesundheitswirkung des Reizgases NO2… – Thomas Mueller (dummzeuch) – Google+


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