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Archive for the ‘Linux’ Category

Ubuntu – changing hostname without rebooting

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/01/15

Assembled from various bits in [WayBackHow do I change the hostname without a restart? – Ask Ubuntu.

Assume your new host name is newHostName.

  1. edit /etc/hosts and replace the old hostname with newHostName
  2. Perform these commands:
    hostnamectl set-hostname newHostName
    exec bash
    hostname -f

Both the command prompt and the hostname output should show newHostName.

Note: if you get this when performing hostname -f then you forgot to edit /etc/hosts as per [WayBack] Just so everyone knows, the edit of /etc/hosts did the trick the 12.04 – Why I get hostname: Name or service not known error? – Ask Ubuntu:

hostname: Name or service not known


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Posted by jpluimers on 2018/01/01

It is a lot (~300 megabyte compressed download!), but worth it.

Here are the links:

And the quote from [WayBack] LAUNCHED … – Joe C. Hecht – Google+


337 MB of source and utils in 2,308 Files, 910 Folders before you build (not counting 3rd party source UberBuild downloads).

It’s a start, with much to come.It will get easier now that UberBuild is clean.

I will be updating the docs and website in the next few days.

Special thanks …

I already see room for improvement (such as a setup screen for extra compilers such as Delphi and Free Pascal to keep folks out of shell scripts and from hunting for help in the documentation).


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OpenSuSE on ODROID? Maybe one day I get to researching that

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/01/01

For my research list (thanks Mariusz Fik ‏@Fisiu):

Actually: this was more of a reminder checking out if someone else by now has made OpenSuSE Tumbleweed builds for ODROID (:



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htop – an interactive process viewer for Unix

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/12/25

Great tool: [WayBackhtop – an interactive process viewer for Unix because it’s both interactive and supports a wide range of OSes: Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Mac OS X.

Thanks to Warren Postma who suggested it in his comment at [WayBack18 Useful Commands to Get Hardware Information on Linux – Linuxslaves.

Note that on OS X you get this warning after brew install htop :

htop requires root privileges to correctly display all running processes,
so you will need to run `sudo htop`.
You should be certain that you trust any software you grant root privileges.

On Linux you don’t get this message as there you have the /proc file system providing enough information as explained at [WayBackosx – Why does htop on Mac OS X require root privileges to see data for all processes, but on Linux it runs without root – Super User.

A workaround (involving the setuid bit) is at [WayBackRunning htop on Mac OS X needs root. Why?! | Blog | or by running visudo ensuring you don’t need a password for it at [WayBackosx – htop isn’t returning CPU or memory usage!? – Super User



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Some notes on having static-web site owners upload their content over SFTP

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/12/14

Yes, there are still static web-sites. A long time ago, they were uploaded over FTP. Now many use more secure protocols.

So here are some links and notes to allow this on a Linux based host running OpenSSH.

I got to the above via these two links:

An alternative might be web-dave, but that would probably mean some hassle to separate uploading the site from accessing the site.

[Archive.isHow To Set Up WebDAV With Apache2 On OpenSUSE 12.2


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