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Archive for the ‘Raspberry Pi’ Category

Chris Bensen on Raspberry Pi and clusters

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/12/29

Oracle’s Pi Supercomputer

Oracle’s Pi Supercomputer ; click on the image for a larger version.

In 2019 ans 2020, [Archive] Chris Bensen and his [Archive] Oracle Groundbreakers team built a really large Raspberry Pi cluster of more than 1k pies, all network booting to become a cluster. It was for instance covered in the [Wayback/Archive] Building the World’s Largest Raspberry Pi Cluster – DZone IoT.

On his [Wayback/Archive] personal blog, he wrote a few posts like [Wayback/Archive] Chris Bensen: Raspberry Pi Overlay Root Filesystem and [Wayback/Archive] Chris Bensen: Get MAC Address for a Pi Cluster.

It made me also bump into [Wayback/Archive] Building the world’s largest Raspberry Pi cluster early 2020,

Since that wast right after the start of my rectum cancer treatment which lasted longer and, because of I got metastases a few months after radiation treatment, required more treatments than anticipated, I put a note in my bog drafts and kind of lost track.

So I was glad that in fall 2021, I bumped into the draft and found an almost year old post [Wayback/Archive] Chris Bensen: All Raspberry Pi Super Computer Posts in One Spot which is an index in all the blog posts and videos that Chris and his team produced on this project.

I then also learned the cluster had been shown on [Wayback/Archive] Oracle OpenWorld 2019, Breakthrough Starts Here and was covered in the [Archive] Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects of 2019 | Tom’s Hardware (where I got the [Wayback/Archive] Oracle World 2019 having the 1k+ node Raspberry Pi cluster on display picture shown on the right from).

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Measuring environmental aircraft noise (Zelfbouw meetstation voor meten vlieghinder.pdf – Google Drive)

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/10/12

I’ll be following this guideline (or maybe by now already have): Zelfbouw meetstation voor meten vlieghinder.pdf (Google Drive)

This is what I needed:

If you do not have a Raspberry Pi, then you can get it from them as a package for EUR 115 (including case, preinstalled microSD-card, charger and WiFi adapter):[Wayback/] Raspberry Pi Zusatzkit zum Komplettpaket Lärm (with configuration manual at [Wayback] Anleitung Raspberry.pdf)





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Make your Pi Zero into an OTG USB stick: Pi Zero USB Stem – KIT-14526 – SparkFun Electronics

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/08/24

Cool: [Wayback/] Pi Zero USB Stem – KIT-14526 – SparkFun Electronics

The Pi Zero USB Stem is a PCB kit that turns a Raspberry Pi Zero into a USB dongle. Once the Stem is installed, your Raspberry Pi can be plugged directly into a computer or USB hub without any additional cables or power supplies. The Raspberry Pi then acts as a USB device using its own Linux kernel gadget drivers to get started.

The Zero Stem is designed to be soldered directly to the USB SMD test pads on the bottom of the Raspberry Pi Zero, needing no wires or pogo pins at all, just solder and a soldering iron! Attaching the stem to your Pi also allows you to create a portable VNC server, or even cluster several Raspberry Pi Zeros with just a USB hub.

The Zero Stem is compatible with the Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 and the Raspberry Pi Zero W v1.1, but unfortunately it is not compatible with the Raspberry Pi Zero v1.2 or any full-size Raspberry Pi due to their shapes and sizes.

Note: In order for your Pi Zero to function as a USB device with this Stem, you will need to configure it to act as one. You will be able to find these instructions in the Documentations tab under “How to OTG Fast“.


Video below the signature or at [Wayback/] Product Showcase: Pi Zero USB Stem – YouTube.

Via [] Chris Bensen on Twitter: “Oh this is cool!”.

Related: RPIZ USB OTG Raspberry Pi Zero – Hi-Speed OTG-adapter and RPIZ USB ADAPTER Raspberry Pi Zero – Adapter van contact naar USB


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Eff-Uno Racer v1 by chrisbensen – Thingiverse: Open Wheel Race Car from LEGO© and 3D printed bricks, with RC motors controlled by a Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/08/17

This is so cool!

[Wayback/] Eff-Uno Racer v1 by chrisbensen – Thingiverse

Welcome to the home for the things to print for the Eff-Uno Racer project ([Wayback/] Eff-Uno Racer is a LEGO© Open Wheel Race Car that you can build and remotely control. Most of it is made with LEGO© bricks but the motors are regular RC motors controlled by a Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Below are the extra parts needed.

The videos are via these three tweets:

List is at: [Wayback/] Cool DevRebel Projects – YouTube

Videos when writing (by now there should be more):

  1. [Wayback/] Cloud Car Episode 1 — Custom Breadboard for Pi Zero – YouTube
  2. [Wayback/] Cloud Car Episode 2 — Pi Controlled Motors – YouTube
  3. [Wayback/] Cloud Car Episode 3 — Shoving a Pi & RC Motor into a Toy Car – YouTube
  4. [Wayback/] Episode 4: Shoving a Motor and Speed Controller into a Toy Car – YouTube
  5. [Wayback/] Episode 5 — Next Stage: 3D Printed RC Servo Motor Adapters – YouTube

Via [] Chris Bensen on Twitter: “If you want to build your own open source cloud connected toy race car follow this thing”


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Some @MCH2022Camp badge updates I found on Twitter

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/07/19

For all attending [Wayback/Archive] May Contain Hackers 2022 , a few things to check out:

  • their blog contains new posts with exiting news: [Wayback/Archive] Weblog | May Contain Hackers 2022 – blog
  • Tweeps and tweep-groups are fiddling with the MCH2022 badge already resulting in cool things like:
    • The MCH2022 terrain as a gameboy map (which runs on the MCH2022 badge)
    • There is a batch housing you can 3D print
    • Thumb knobs for the MCH2022 badge to it is easier on your fingers (2 models)
    • More software to run on the MCH2022 badge (like a CTF game)
    • Doom running on the badge (that of course was just a matter of time)
    • After MCH2022 there are 3 more hackercamps in Europe

More below…

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