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Archive for the ‘Event’ Category

Delphi: TInvokableClassRegistryHelper.GetInterfaceNamespace as the opposite of TInvokableClassRegistry.RegisterInterface

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/09/17

A while ago, I needed the opposite of InvRegistry.RegisterInterface(TypeInfo(MySoapInterfacePortType, 'urn:myURN', 'utf-8');, so instead of registering an interface with a namespace URN, obtain the URN by passing the interface inverting [WayBack] TInvokableClassRegistry.RegisterInterface.

This is the class helper I wrote:

  TInvokableClassRegistryHelper = class helper for TInvokableClassRegistry
    function GetInterfaceNamespace(Info: PTypeInfo): string;

function TInvokableClassRegistryHelper.GetInterfaceNamespace(Info: PTypeInfo): string;
  InfoGuid: TGUID;
  // call like `Result := InvRegistry.GetInterfaceNamespace(TypeInfo(MySoapInterfaceType));`
  InfoGuid := GetTypeData(Info)^.Guid; // uses TypInfo; see
  Result := GetNamespaceByGUID(InfoGuid);

It would have been a lot easier if TInvokableClassRegistry.GetIntfIndex has been public, because then [WayBack]TInvokableClassRegistry.GetRegInterfaceEntry could have been used.


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FreePascal downloads I used to get Web Service Toolkit to compile since the Delphi WSDL importer has braindead include support

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/09/11

The Delphi WSDL importer maintenance has been in dormant mode for a long while, which means it still barfs on WSDL include directives.

In the day and age of REST and gRPC, I don’t think it will get any love soon.

Related bug entries are for instance RSP-18630: WSDL generate bad code and RSP-17321: “Import WSDL” generates invalid code without explanation of problem are examples of this, and I’m sure that QC had more if it were still alive; I could find these in the WayBack machine:

The problem manifests itself when the WSDL file includes one or more XSD files. The generated code will contain a section like this:

  // ************************************************************************ //
  // The following types, referred to in the WSDL document are not being represented
  // in this file. They are either aliases[@] of other types represented or were referred
  // to but never[!] declared in the document. The types from the latter category
  // typically map to predefined/known XML or Embarcadero types; however, they could also 
  // indicate incorrect WSDL documents that failed to declare or import a schema type.
  // ************************************************************************ //

Further below is a series of commented out types, all starting with a ! end ending in a column with the namespace of those types.

Searching for the first line gives numerous examples as far back as Delphi 7, for instance:

Based on those, I think the reason is that the WSDL importer fails on <soap:binding transport="" style="document" /> which is quite common in the real world.

I did not want to pursue manually modifying the WSDL file, or manually generating the types as the WSDL and XSD files were prone to changes and manual steps would make the re-import process more tedious. If you do want to do that, these link might help:

This is what I used to get this to compile and run [WayBack] Web Service Toolkit – Free Pascal wiki:

Build steps

FPC installation

  1. Run the 32-bit installer
  2. Keep all options except on the second install screen, disable Associate .inc files with FreePascal IDE
  3. Add C:\FPC\3.0.4\bin\i386-win32 to the user path


  1. Recursively unzip
  2. Open a command prompt in the wst-0.7u directory
  3. Verify there is a ws_helper subdirectory

When compiling in Delphi, then you definitely need the FreePascal RTL sources for the PasTree unit; see [WayBack] fcl-passrc – Free Pascal wiki.



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Recursive loop, see loop, recursive

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/09/09

Recursion explained visually.

Via [WayBack] Wenn mehrere Generationen in den Feiertag / Vatertag starten.

[WayBack] Original picture at [WayBack] Bug Life | Chickie’s Rides | Pinterest | Vw, Volkswagen and Cars.



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Spring4D – Shared, Weak references

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/08/25

In addition to Shared/IShared, there is also Weak/IWeakReference in Spring.pas; these blog post explain more about them:

Related: If you were using Managed / IManaged in Spring4D, be aware they got renamed to Shared / IShared.


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10 Tips on How to be a Great Programmer – Java, SQL and jOOQ.

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/08/25

Interesting thoughts: [WayBack10 Tips on How to be a Great Programmer – Java, SQL and jOOQ.

Via: [WayBack] The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten — Benjamin Franklin (not sure this is true, could not find a source) – Thomas Mueller (dummzeuch) – Google+


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